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Master log: do have a technology holding shares to have faith in       welcome to pay attention to our fist column "delivery order and operation record log" there will be a master manipulator of the combat master. Users of the forwarding and comments, we do this column is the greatest power. Also welcome users to register our stock market competition, through the competition to exchange. Scan two-dimensional code in real time to watch the new WeChat Xing Xing Xing stock pool has been opened. WeChat public search xingzwgpc welcome everyone’s attention. The difference between "Xing stock pool" and "master hailun log" the two public numbers are as follows: 1, "Xing stock pool" daily sent before 8:30 in the morning, only 1 articles, the content is on a trading day at 22 in the evening after the checking results, including the next day I want to buy the target shares. 2, Xing stock pool represents only personal point of view, nothing to do with Phoenix finance. Stock pool just Xing individual subject of picking, does not represent any units and institutions stand. Yesterday, rehabilitation, we chose several strong votes, have seen stock pool also know, alternative target Wai Ming environmental protection, Han Jian and the two stocks in line with main logic, just considering today will not have too low position is not determined. The concept of the other, because last night replay time less, also not carefully studied. Opened today, jialinjie second letter shocked me, this has left the capital view for a long time, why direct second letter today. I asked my colleagues after that is because yesterday Nintendo and apple have a joint conference, while Nintendo shares soared. Remember that in July the wave of the VR market is the price of Nintendo shares soared. But today the capital chidushi behavior is really very anxious, not only the second days together chidushi, little money must relay. The disk, fake body sealing plate a few stocks, shares of Bohai Tianxiang environment, nationstar all the way to its Chinese shipments, star power is yesterday’s second letter shares today opened direct stuffy kill. All day index volatility is too small, the performance of stocks is not strong desire. But this is really Sichuan Shuangma shares go before the demon, is extremely strong, and recently because the laminating direction inside the PPP infrastructure, this is also the reason why should pull. Said his early operation, see virtual reality plate is so good, again opening sudawei, the result is not so good, but the stocks are triple negative. I can’t believe this stock can continue to close line, this time also is a test of faith ownership, no way to use my T method. Another stock pit is relatively large, dry landscape garden lost nearly 5 points. Recently, the state is not very good, but also to reduce the operating frequency, slowly adjusted.     outlook judgment: today is a cop-out, but don’t worry too much about what the PPP concept of tomorrow should be completely differentiated, then there is no chance to observe the leading car. There is an adjustment in the PPP, the funds will not be observed to launch a new plate offensive. Note: the above is only the author’s own understanding is not to be a Kanpan, stock recommendation, does not constitute investment advice, investment risks, the market need to be cautious. Xing introduction: 12 years of age. In a private company as a trader;相关的主题文章: