Maternal family enthusiastic fungi letinous edodes Sohu

Fungus family enthusiastic letinous edodes Sohu maternal mushroom girl carrying a big basket in the morning light, a pair of small feet through the forests and hills……". Little Ron, who was born in a poor mountain village, got up every day before dawn to pick up the wild dishes of the mushroom on the mountain. As usual Ron was humming a song, while the slow and steady climb, no difficulty, because every day she went up the mountain, physical practice leverage drops. Then, in the grass in the various elves overjoyed not far from Tanchunaodai, invariably with little Ron greeting, because of their small Ron has been very familiar, long in inconspicuous wood under letinous edodes and Tricholoma is no exception. "She’s gonna pick me up today". Letinous edodes muttered. "No, you are so black, so ugly, like a long time did not wash his face, like little Luo Encai is not willing to take you home". Mushrooms, though the sound is very small, but letinous edodes heard the ear tip. After listening to the words of letinous edodes Tricholoma dark however sad, the mushroom looks scrub it thought, but it is certainly better than their own, it can do? Don’t make fun of letinous edodes "mushroom". At this moment, the head of the clan of Ganoderma lucidum bacteria bath out discouraged, and patiently explain to everybody. Ron’s grandmother was sick, but her family is very poor and no money to see a doctor to take medicine, you can help us with a little bit of strength to help small Ron". At the moment, the atmosphere suddenly becomes heavy. "Our meat with high protein, low fat, polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins foodfungi. Can improve the immune function of the human body, and letinous edodes polysaccharide can promote the production of lymphocytes []". Continued the ganoderma lucidum. Letinous edodes hard to move their own footsteps, hard to move forward near Ganoderma lucidum, for fear of missing which did not hear. "We can provide the human body with high heat, but also has auxiliary fat oxidation, is conducive to amino acid activation and synthesis of protein, to help liver detoxification and other physiological functions". Ganoderma lucidum continues to say []. The big guys listened very attentively. Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom and so gradually attracted. And letinous edodes ears can be serious. In addition, letinous edodes in calcium, phosphorus, iron content is very high. Calcium and phosphorus is an important component of bone, teeth; iron is an important group of hemoglobin molecules, these are human life essential minerals Oh, so children living in the diet is in need of our help in one long string "[]. "Children not long teeth, eat what do we do? Letinous edodes curious asked. "Can be ground into flour, Jiaocheng mud, so we can easily digested and absorbed". Glossy ganoderma patiently explained. "There are so many benefits to me". Letinous edodes immediately after listen to smile. "I wish I could help Ron. I wish she’d take me home and get her back". Letinous edodes was a little worried. "I’m sorry, letinous edodes. I shouldn’t have taken it相关的主题文章: