Mechanism of 4 consecutive quarters of stock exposure Baotuan

Mechanism for the 4 quarter of sina finance stock exposure Baotuan App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my train and Washington listed company semi annual report this year over you, the major institutions of the investment layout all emerge, the agencies collectively settled stocks of concern, especially continued access to institutions Baotuan settled in the small cap stocks. Statistics show that the fund, social security, venture capital, QFII, brokerage and other institutions for 24 consecutive quarters to hold more than 20% of the shares of the stock of chips in the past 4. From the new institutional ownership, 117 institutions semi annual total holdings of 62 million 30 thousand shares of nuclear power in the Taiwan Strait, the proportion of the outstanding shares of 51.77%, ranked first; 45 institutions held a total of 31 million 50 thousand semi annual report of Henghua technology shares, the proportion of the outstanding shares of 48.71%, ranked second; 147 institutions semi annual Spring Airlines together hold 93 million 70 thousand shares, accounting for circulation the proportion of shares in 46%, ranked third. In addition, institutions hold semi annual report Sophia, netposa, probiotic shares, sunway communication, Jiuzhou pharmaceutical, sinocera, shares more than 40% shares. It is worth mentioning that, in the list of some of the shares held by the institutional sector is still higher than the three quarter of last year. The mechanism of the semi annual report holds shares 42.6% shares, representing three of the quarterly increase of 21.75 percentage points, ranking the first semi annual report; institutions hold Heng Hua technology the proportion of tradable shares compared to last year three quarterly increase of 19.14 percentage points, ranked second; hold sinocera circulation stock proportion compared with last year’s three quarterly increase of 17.55 percentage points, ranking third. In addition, Sophia, holding Boteng shares, sunway communication, Spring Airlines and other stocks shares than the last three quarterly increased more than 10 percentage points. Mechanism of continuous Baotuan stocks, mostly the size of the market value of small to medium high growth blue chip stock. The market value of the lowest of the five ocean science and technology, the latest market value of only 6 billion 300 million yuan, the lowest ranking. The stock interim net profit rose 223%, earnings per share reached 0.35 yuan (diluted earnings per share of 0.13 yuan). The latest market value of 6 billion 700 million yuan gold Rabbi, the list of second low. In addition, Dirui medical, Henghua technology, environment, day Hao Boteng shares and other stocks are the latest market value of less than 10 billion yuan. In addition to the five ocean science and technology, nuclear power, probiotic shares, Taiwan, Sinnet, sunway communication MAKIHARA shares a semi annual net profit growth also exceeded 100%. Among them, the Taiwan Strait nuclear power and animal husbandry shares grew by more than 10 times. In addition, Dirui medical, Boteng shares, strong new material, porcelain material, Arima software, so Sophia and other stocks, Jinxin interim net profit increase of more than 30% and earnings per share of more than 0.2 yuan. The list of 8 stocks has released three quarterly results notice, MAKIHARA shares, shares, and Sophia Strait nuclear power stocks still maintain high growth, the emperor’s group by 50%-80%, UTour advance by 0-50%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: