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Media comment: Guo Degang to the Guo Degang Cao Yunjin Ma learning team management there is a scene that you walk in the city of the old city alley, suddenly a closed door opened a small fan, a black wind, from inside channeling a smell, Aigo, also shares a strong smell of decay. This is my intuitive description of Guo Degang [micro-blog], [micro-blog]. Guo Degang put this man in ancient times, it is a "bully", you say he does not have the ability and personality charm, this is certainly not, because someone will buy his account. You see him a smiley face hengrou, and the Deputy Group and exquisite, is a naive, dark world of evil people. However, the people in the old society or Shishuoxinyu in the novel, is really wonderful, where they are suitable for the world soil and social customs. But the "people" in the modern legal civilization in today society, suddenly see the "smell" master Guo thought, the behavior, the language of the old gas, really stunned. As for Cao Yunjin, he and Guo Degang belong to an era, a time and space. Zhang Yi comic circle probably belongs to entertainment circle. Many years of training the actors are not high culture, eat by shuoxuedouchang really, many people really have the spirit, "China good tongue". Fight the curse, really is a piece of cake. Circle in the spread of gossip a lot, many brothers and Former friends become enemies with each other. change policy. The disadvantages of old with master, also have "Chinese relation" subtle. But the big headlines in discord, also from the beginning of Guo Degang. Guo Degang is the new media hype topic, the commercial operation of the first circle of comic performances, but the team management in the commercial, he may have to learn to Ma "ocean’s eighteen" partner system. The past is not adapt to the ethical relationship between modern people, but the emotion Shigeyoshi people still remember, old Guo gave his disciples set a bad example". He was in the blog wrote that Yang Zhigang [micro-blog] using public money to decorate the house, together with female colleagues, and even to court. This is the Guo Degang Cao Yunjin a replica of the year. The apprentice did not learn from the master Thanksgiving, Jianghu gas eventually developed into a short board. Zhang Nan "day as a teacher father" mentoring changed the entertainment circle is always a storm after another storm, big star directors divorce derailed not corpuscles, this farce was mentoring Former friends become enemies with each other. uploaded in the entertainment circle and raise a Babel of criticism of society, both sides take the initiative to publish to social networks. I just hope the massive crowd can eat melons to see lively. Privately think, if these can be made into a film and television works, it should be pretty aspect, burning love, suspense, brain, comedy and other elements can live together. This story as mentoring enemies burning brain, still need a "sherlock". Guo Degang said his treachery, qishimiezu, disciple in turn accused press master apprentice, that disciple home, also listed the "seven deadly sins". As a spectator of the masses, it is very difficult to see where the grudge. But it makes a lot of people aware of the cross talk相关的主题文章: