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Michelle Chen "Grandpa Christina 38" variable star played singles Tencent entertainment news by Michelle Chen partner for the first time Tong Dawei starring drama "Grandpa Christina 38" in November 11th this year in the domestic release. In September 21st, the film held "Tong grandfather 38 years old birthday" conference in Beijing, Michelle Chen on vacation special telephone connection to the conference site, "the 38 year old Tong Dawei special birthday blessing:" wish Baba live more and more young, hope in the new year every day can live 38." "Grandpa Christina 38" described by Michelle Chen as a young single mother "Tang Huiru" Trinidad seeking father, with his little son airborne Grandpa never met "He Zhiwu" (Tong Dawei) home, under the same roof three generations to wipe out countless sparks comedy. Remake starring Cha Tae Hyun Korean classic comedy "very anchor". The Korean version released in Korea accumulated audiences of more than 800, at the box office in the Korean film history above sixth, more than the "King’s man", "My Sassy Girl" (the film version of the TV version of the film version.). The launch of the China version, Director Ann Bingji is "very anchorman" producer. This is the first time Michelle Chen starring drama. In the film, she not only to the aunt of the explosion of the head, as well as a variety of colors are not adjusted to wear, and the audience familiar with the national goddess image is not a channel. In order to strengthen the role of the comedy, Michelle Chen also came to learn Fujian accent, "chasing" Tong Dawei a "Baba", a fight. Ann Bingji praised Michelle Chen for producer, said: "this is only Michelle Chen was some funny acting, for someone else. Twenty year old young girl like aunt like nonsense, she is adorable contrast show most incisive." Tong Dawei praised Michelle Chen for the role of courage from the Black: I think this with the process of cooperation in the middle of the relationship between the establishment of the very smooth in the process of success in the process of cooperation, the relationship between the two countries in the process of cooperation, the success of the relationship between the two countries in the process of cooperation, the establishment of a very smooth. Yan Xi daughter state was in place, the time of the shooting, I saw her eyes can feel the sense of the kind of affection in the eyes of the exchange." The last line, Michelle Chen did not forget to "Grandpa Christina 38" advertising, said: "this is really my own heart as many warm places, there are a lot of comedy let you looked very happy, really hope that we can support the recommendation." "Grandpa Christina 38" is Michelle Chen’s third film works out this year. In February this year, Michelle Chen starred in the movie "rush" in the domestic release of love. In the film, she not only challenge the Nordic bad shooting conditions and a world of ice and snow, but also for the first time since thesinging songs English. In the next to North American release of the film "the love of Hawaii" is not only the first time Michelle Chen starred in Hollywood movies, the first full English dialogue, was her first thriller performance challenges. In the days before the thirty-second session held in Losangeles Asia Pacific Film Festival, Michelle Chen with "love" in Hawaii outstanding performance, won the best drama actress. In addition, Michelle Chen also won the global mobile Internet Conference GMIC X annual festival "the most popular discourse in 2016 Internet Age Concern actress award, showing its high.相关的主题文章: