Military training is the value of disaster Guan Xiaotong and her classmates will be able to explode magicq

Military training is the value of disaster? Guan Xiaotong and her classmates to beauty: "if you lead fried days of military training, it is sunny"! I wait for the melon of friends, it is a military training school in the school career values Yan disaster, and Guan Xiaotong and her wayward Yan Yan burst table values students said no care training, anyway, when all of the United States! (source: PClady) military training is the value of disaster? Guan Xiaotong and her classmates will be able to blow up the United States because of military hot search, but also in the same school with a small fairy who are brought on the topic list, Guan Xiaotong’s hot search is really a physical fitness! Whether it’s Guan Xiaotong or her classmates, beauty is a good thing! Naturally, these 90 beauty is so jealous! There is a kind of debut, called Guan Xiaotong’s classmates, there is a debut, called the students of Guan Xiaotong, Yan Gao is self willed! Look, is not a beautiful big eyes are! Nortel has always been the beautiful clouds, even if students dressed in camouflage, all skin white beauty, girls look rosy lips and pretty white teeth, are relatively light, makeup is not so obvious, pseudo makeup when ah, full of youthful sunshine! And so on, Guan Xiaotong next to the sister is not sure that Di Ali Gerba mess? Guan Xiaotong Guan Xiaotong, how do you maintain the skin well, even if the military can keep zero pores moisturized baby muscle, really admirable! Good red skin without too much modification, add a little lipstick and eyelashes to improve the beauty index, which is called vitality! Is this girl, like fat di? Yes, is this girl, like fat di? Girl you military training can make up? The makeup girl looks very delicate, but the eyebrows, lip gloss, makeup can be as no less, a pair of super star God eyes can let a person completely move not to open eyes, eyes can be no less hard! Bobbi Qi on the eyelashes, black eyeliner eye tail rise, the lower eyelid the silkworm brighten a wink to a male god of harvest! The full strength of Guan Xiaotong full strength Guan Xiaotong skin tender pinch out, young is the capital, is also not afraid of things do look long face! Look at Guan Xiaotong white bright skin, delicate even pores are invisible, and young skin and love out of the oil problem she did not see a little shiny! There are big eyes, high nose, and even the wild natural eyebrow, eyebrow makeup are omitted, all by this full of youthful propped up the yen value! Has zero pores so watery muscle, campus fairies properly drop! Pure makeup, black eye is a little heavy pure makeup, while the black eye is a bit heavy, but the students off your skin is too good, smooth and translucent skin without makeup gorgeous feeling more than a handsome ~ to the autumn season, the autumn tiger raging out of the sky and the air is dry a lot of damage to the skin, young skin grease exuberant, to choose moisturizing moisturizing skin care products, but note that the T word area and cheek to separate maintenance oh! In addition, 20 something woman choose a moisturizing non greasy cream should also be put on the agenda as soon as possible, at the same time do massage for eye against eye fatigue and eye puffiness, preventive measures. Facial makeup相关的主题文章: