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Mobile camera is not professional? Look at the external camera Tencent digital news (Wang Yuehan) travel photography is one of the necessary equipment, with the intelligent mobile phone camera is more and more advanced, phase focusing, optical image stabilization and other high-end digital camera functions have been ported to the smart mobile phone, more and more people love to use mobile phone travel instead of digital camera, digital camera, especially line card machine sales decline. But SLR still has irreplaceable advantages, today introduced the DxO One external camera is a good alternative. The famous evaluation agencies DxO laboratory, France DxO lab is a camera and lens evaluation studio world famous, the test product covers the camera, camera, mobile phone, camera and other professional category, their test results are multimedia and photography fans attention. DxO One external camera support apple Lightning interface, iPhone5 and above, iPad4 and above versions, iPad mini2 and above versions can be used. After the connection can take photos and videos. It claims to be able to shoot through the iPhone or iPad screen SLR camera professional image quality. In addition to interface support, you need to install DxO One on the phone APP application to use this camera shooting, and the system requires iOS 9 and above versions. DxO One lens with a sliding protective cover, slide down the protective cover, you can see the camera lens, while the plug will automatically pop, insert the phone will automatically enter the APP interface. IPhone mobile phone can be configured to extend the lens, wide-angle, fisheye and macro effects, but it must be used in the camera or mobile phone back shell, but also with a mobile phone camera, to achieve these functions in mobile phone camera. The DxO One camera is completely independent of the external camera, the need is only a mobile phone display. DxO One uses 11.9 mm focal length of the six aspheric lens, the equivalent focal length of 32mm, with iPhone’s own camera focal length. But this camera has used a 1 inch sensor, is the size of the camera sensor iPhone comes with 2.5 times, so the performance of the DxO One camera will be much better than iPhone. This camera pixels 20 million 200 thousand, photo resolution can reach 5406× 3604, the maximum aperture of F 1.8, the shutter range from 18000 seconds to 15 seconds, the sensitivity range of ISO 100 – 5120, support 30 frames per second 1080P HD video capture, can support before and after the 60 degree rotation, with the electronic anti shake function and support 3 times digital zoom. Supports three shooting modes: Auto mode, scene mode, advanced mode. Scene mode suitable for shooting movement, portrait, landscape, night scene, etc.. The soft light box advanced mode can provide natural light and smooth. DxO One the upper part of the two paragraph shutter button, the back of the OLED auxiliary screen, the camera’s important information will be displayed on the auxiliary screen.相关的主题文章: