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More fuel consumption is higher? For a part of the fuel consumption can be plunged car driving on the open, the fuel consumption on the inexplicable increase? Especially after the warranty period models, fuel consumption is very obvious. Many owners will generally be attributed to the increase in fuel consumption as a result of natural aging vehicles. In fact, there are many easy to ignore the details of the car in the car caused by an increase in fuel consumption. In fact, there is no necessary link between age and fuel consumption. As long as some parts of the maintenance and replacement, in the daily use of the car simply pay attention to the maintenance and replacement parts, fuel consumption will decline. Today, the master came to talk to you, which parts of the fuel consumption can be changed down immediately! First, check the tire pressure and tire wear tire pressure is too low, will increase the friction between the tire and the ground, the resistance becomes larger, fuel consumption will rise. Driving the car was found to significantly reduce the sliding distance, it should check whether the pressure of the tire pressure standards. Normal tire pressure in 2.5bar or so, summer can be reduced by 0.1bar. Also remember to check the degree of wear of the tires, if the tire wear serious, it will often appear slippage, fuel consumption will increase, generally every 50 thousand km, be sure to change a new tire. Two, pay attention to clean up oil, carbon many owners do not pay attention to oil, poor quality gasoline will make carbon increased, excessive carbon deposition will make the intake pipe wall becomes rough, the influence of inlet effect and the quality of the mixed gas, so that fuel consumption rose sharply. Therefore, the quality of gasoline can not be ignored, while the need to clean up once every six months is essential. Three, 8-11 million kilometers to replace the oxygen sensor which is located in the engine exhaust pipe on a ceramic component for detection and control of oxygen and fuel ratio. After a long period of time, the electronic fuel injection system, the computer will not be able to get the oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe information, the mixture of the engine will tend to be high concentration, fuel consumption will increase. Therefore, to regularly check the status of oxygen sensors, usually in the 8-11 million kilometers when you need to replace. Four, regularly replace the spark plug spark plug is the use of high voltage electric spark ignition of mixed gas. If the damage will reduce the ignition energy, the combustion of mixed gas is not uniform, resulting in slower speed, fuel consumption increased. The ordinary spark plug life only 3-5 million kilometers, iridium spark plug life is about 5-8 million kilometers, 100 thousand kilometers to the platinum spark plug life! Five, regular replacement battery storage battery control circuit, and the circuit is closely related to the oil. Because the general battery use time 2-3 years will produce a loss of electricity, resulting in the lack of starting voltage, motor driven engine is weak, so that the ignition energy is low, so the fuel consumption soared. So do not think that the battery can not continue to use bad, in order to reduce fuel consumption must be regularly replaced batteries.相关的主题文章: