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More than the number of graduate students in the national grants shrink less money to go? – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing September 26th new media news (reporter Ke Gaoyang Gai Boming) recently, Nanjing University students posted on the web, the school sent 1000 yuan less on state grants. The students questioned, the state provisions on how to "shrink"? In an interview with reporters found that many colleges and universities including Nanjing University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the National Graduate grants "shrink" problem, the total amount of less expensive, less money go? Students who will protect the rights and interests? Should send six thousand real hair five thousand? The school admits the case the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education in 2013 issued "graduate state grants Interim Measures" clear, the central subordinate colleges graduate funding hygiene standards for each 6000 yuan a year, the expenditure of all allocated by the central government, monthly payments to eligible students. But how specific payment, how much monthly payment, determined by various colleges and universities. Nanjing University, Renmin University of China and other colleges and universities, is to meet the conditions of the graduate monthly subsidy of 500 yuan, an annual payment of 12 months. Nanjing University, the 2016 graduate student Liu Tongxue told reporters that he received only one year before graduating from last September to June this year, the national grants, a total of 10 months, a total of $5000. After graduation, the remaining 1000 yuan grants will not be below. He can not help but doubt, is the national grants shrink? For questions, the Graduate School of the Nanjing University who recognize the basic truth, and said: "we are in accordance with the academic actual school time issued, so that the state grants have balances, students doubt is normal." How to protect the rights and interests of students? Many colleges and universities grants shrink reporter learned in the interview, Renmin University of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University and other colleges and universities in graduate student grants on the issue of the existence of shrink situation. A student at Renmin University of China’s Department of finance, 23, a teacher confirmed that the school’s graduate student grants only to the student graduation month, the last two months is not". The school’s 2016 graduate student Zhou Tongxue presented to reporters the bank card bill also shows that he did not receive the final two months of national grants. Graduate student grants for full-time graduate students to subsidize the basic living expenses of students. 1000 yuan is not a large number, but it is not trivial for students, a few hundred dollars a month is an important source of their lives. "If the student sent one or two days late Kim, someone will ask what time to send money, we await urgently necessary condition." Nanjing University Liu Tongxue told reporters. According to the reporter, some colleges and universities to take a flexible approach, so that the full payment of state grants. Wuhan University, East China Normal University and other colleges and universities in graduate students, the remaining 1000 yuan one-time replacement of grants for two months; Nankai University, Beijing Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities for graduate students per month;相关的主题文章: