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The bull market is still in a benign state 10 blog market outlook Sina Sina Finance App Level2:A shares speed Kanpan: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Financial News April 18 2 news, in early trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen opened and sustain a concussion, intraday stock index rose nearly 1% the impact of 2900, see 2893.21, but the impact of rapid decline, after the failure of mark. Afternoon opening, the stock index in the reform of state-owned stocks led, was slightly higher, but the upside momentum weakened, stock index jumped 2900 points a few degrees have failed, then the two city and near the late fall when accelerated downward, stock index turned green and gem fell over 1%. Jun: the Friday market is expected to rebound from the two wave of diving, bring some pressure to the market. Without fear, there’s hope to bottom up on Friday. Day Tan: bull market is still in good state of     late diving are conventional shocks, investors need not be too nervous, deep understanding of the market structure of the interior of a plate is the key to profitability, investors can still do more positive. Huang Jianping: 2016 is the most difficult and most difficult year for the banking industry industry does not mean stock prices: for example, in 2009 although the banking performance is poor, but the banking stock doubled. Although the banking industry faces many difficulties, it also has a turn for the better.   investment Tour: ultra low price is the first consideration the soaring price of ultra low cost, small market value, once the revaluation, rise in price no less than a rise in prices in recent years, the city line. Luo Yi: Appleppay enters his mountain, Shi Ke attacks jade AP, carries fingerprint recognition admission, awakens payment new idea. NFC patent matures in 2008, AP join biometric technology to further enhance the security and experience, the traditional online and offline APP code sweeping mobile payment impact and challenge. Ye Tan: Liu Shuwei’s suggestion in oil has made MS Liu Shuwei wrote, directed at the crux of the stock market running Chinese. She put forward two proposals for reform. MS Liu Shuwei’s character and knowledge of respect, her suggestion is a fundamental solution of the operation. Jinding: guerrilla tactics to deal with the current situation, the enemy strong, I run the operation, it is recommended to control the position, to small positions, short-term game based, fast forward, quick, but must remember to run quickly! Or yuan: after the short adjustment, the red envelopes will continue to be issued. The Chinese tradition is that the first month of the year fifteen has not been finished, so the market is still in the stage of red packets distribution. For today’s market rebound down trend, do not have to worry too much. Friends of the trend: if this happens tomorrow is a good time to throw high, if the wheel pull out, the effect is good, the wheel moves quickly but did not pull out effect, then we should be cautious. If the disk of tomorrow continues to appear this kind of disk, personally feel for the position of heavy friends is a high throw good opportunity Chu wind: after the market ready to attack card index in upside 2900 points integer pass theory 多头行情依然处在良性状态 十大博客看后市 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   新浪财经讯 2月18日消息,周四早盘,沪深两市高开并维持震荡,沪指盘中一度涨近1%冲击2900点,高见2893.21点,但冲击关口失败后两市快速回落。午后开盘,沪指在国企改革概念股带领下,一度小幅走高,但上攻动能明显减弱,沪指几度冲关2900点均告失败,随后两市回落并在临近尾盘时加速下行,沪指翻绿且创业板跌超1%。   珺沧海:周五大盘有望探底回升   尾盘两波跳水,为市场带来了一些压力。认为无需恐惧,周五就有希望探底回升。   天檀:多头行情依然处在良性状态    尾盘的跳水属于常规的震荡,投资者大可不必太过紧张,对市场内部板块结构的深度认知才是盈利的关键所在,积极型投资者依然可以做多。   黄建平:2016年是银行业最困难的一年   行业最困难并不意味着股价就没戏,例如2009年虽然银行业业绩差,但银行业股价涨了一倍。虽然银行业面临许多困难,但也有转机。   投资之旅:超低价是股价飙升的第一因素   超低价,小市值,一旦价值被重估,股价的上涨幅度比丝毫不亚于近年来一线城市房价的上涨幅度。   罗毅:Appleppay入场 他山之石可攻玉   AP携指纹识别入场,唤醒支付新理念。NFC专利于2008年成熟,AP加入生物识别技术进一步提升安全性及体验感,对传统线上以及线下通过APP扫码的移动支付带来冲击和挑战。   叶檀:刘姝威的建议中石油已经做了   刘姝威女士撰文,直指中国股市圈钱症结。她提出两点改革建议。刘姝威女士的人品学识令人尊重,她提出的建议是釜底抽薪之术。   金鼎:以游击战术对待当前行情 敌强我跑   操作上,建议控制仓位,以小仓位短线博弈为主,快进快出,打不过要记得赶紧跑!   或渊:短调后红包仍将继续发放    中国人的传统是正月十五没过就不算过完年,所以现在市场仍处于红包派发的阶段。对于今天大盘冲高回落的走势不必过于担忧。   趋势之友:明日若出现这种情形是高抛的好时机   板块轮动要是有拉出效果出来还好,轮动迅速却没拉出效果出来这时候我们就要谨慎些。明日的盘面如果继续出现这种盘面的话,个人觉得对于仓位重的朋友是个高抛的好机会   楚风:大盘蓄势之后才能再攻   证指数在上攻2900点整数关之后便主动开始了技术性回撤,尾盘未能形成有效反击。这也许预示着新年的第一轮反弹进入尾声,A股需要休整之后才能再向上突破。   (江山)   点击查看更多博文 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: