My eyes a few houses the most special year

My eyes: a few houses the most special year (original title: "this year the most special a few houses in the design museum in the year") lead: from the beginning of 2008, the design museum in London every year "annual award Design Award" (Design of the Year), from the building, digital, fashion, plane design, product design and industrial design of these six categories, each selected a prize awarded to the design achievements in the past 12 months the most outstanding. Recently, the nomination of the year 2016 was announced, and the Harbin opera house, which was designed by the. (source: curiosity daily Author: Xu Xueqing   and on the map: Archdaily, Forbes) the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! Curiosity Daily has introduced the building. Ma Yansong in the design of the building complex, "with great hope in the performing arts space and city public space at the same time, the humanities, art and nature together; and whether its appearance or function, meets his pursuit. Also selected for the construction of the nomination list, there are 12 other buildings, the size and function of the project and are not the same. For example, the new teaching building designed by the Irish architectural design firm Grafton Architects and Peru Shell Arquitectos UTEC University in Peru, with reinforced concrete structure to create a geometric space complex with random gradient. The building was also nominated by the Royal Society of Architecture (RIBA) this year, the Excellence (Awards) International (for). For example, once won the Liz prize by the general grams of Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron design of the Tate Gallery of modern art Switch House, geometry shape is abstract, soften the internal torsion ladder design the geometric space. The building that has been nominated for the award has its own advantages, and the competition is fierce. As for the evaluation criteria, the London Design Museum is very vague, there are four main points: to promote change, ease of use, extended design practice, and to show the spirit of the year. In the end, they added that one day the other museums would show them. For the last sentence, echoing the original intention of the Museum of London Design Museum, will be the most outstanding works of contemporary art collection to the museum. When people go back to the future design work, as they have a strong evidence of past history lies in the other top museums in the world, to make people think about the design was to change the world. Although these ideas are abstract, they are presented in the past. For example, in 2015 by the Chilean architecture firm Elemental design UC.相关的主题文章: