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Business Mystery shopping programs reward employees for providing excellent customer service in retail, restaurant, and convenience store settings. Shoppers pose as customers and rate their experience based on predetermined criteria. Employees are often asked to explain a particular product or service as well as suggest complimentary items. If an employee passes a shop with flying colors, he or she is usually rewarded an incentive in the form of a small gift. Rewarding Employees for Satisfactory Shops Custom lapel pins are a great way for companies of all sizes to reward someone for receiving an exceptional evaluation. This is a great way to promote consistency throughout a company and to encourage employees to be their best at all times. Members of a team will be more aware of their actions each and every day that they show up to work because they will see their colleagues being praised. This makes for a more positive atmosphere for both employees and customers. Identifying Shoppers at Management and Owner Meetings Shoppers can wear custom lapel pins designed just for them at meetings and when they go to new stores, restaurants, and service providers to meet with owners and upper management. This is a great way to represent both the mystery shopping service provider as well as the businesses it takes on as clients. Simulated Gemstones Can Be Added to Lapel Pins Easily Simulated gemstones can be added to lapel pins as a way of signifying different accomplishments. For example, when an employee or a shopper reaches one milestone, he or she is awarded a pin with one color of gemstone. When another shop qualifies them to receive praise, they are given another lapel pin with a different color of gemstone. Employees and shoppers are constantly being challenged and praised which creates an exciting environment to work in. Transform the way that you do business. Start a mystery shopping program that rewards employees and shoppers with the help of Lapel Pins R Us. Submit your inquiries via our online quote form found at You can also email [email protected] or call 1-800-480-6822 toll-free with any questions you might have about the size, shape, style or color of your mystery shopper lapel pins. About the Author: Caryn Smith is the Manager of Lapel Pins R Us. Whenever you want quality, custom lapel pins created, she is the one to contact. Visit ..lapelpinsrus.. today to request a no obligation, free quote and full color digital proof. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: