National day before the typhoon or the impact of the southeast coast of the recent weather sooner or drop dead diva

Before the national day or typhoon along the southeast coast of the recent weather sooner than cool meteorological monitoring, Fuzhou is still affected by cold air, the next few days continuous cloudy, low temperature sooner or later, the body feels some coolness. There are tropical cyclones on the ocean, is expected to develop into a typhoon seventeenth this year, before the national day of China’s southeast coast or affected by it. Affected by cold air in recent days, Fuzhou dry weather, strong wind during the day. The next few days the weather in Fuzhou is not big, but sooner or later the coolness is obvious, frail people keep warm. Today ushered in the autumn equinox solar term. The geographical position of Fuzhou south, and the average daily temperature dropped to 22 degrees Celsius for autumn compared to standard at present in our city has not entered the autumn, but the autumn typhoon influence our city recently one after another. Meteorological monitoring, ocean current and a tropical cyclone in the activities, yesterday near the center has 7 winds, will rise to 8, the development of a new typhoon "catfish". The future will be stable westward movement, gradually approaching the southeast of Taiwan ocean. Expected 28 days to 30 days, the typhoon is approaching, the West extension, the "ridge" occurs fault, which lead to direct airflow of typhoon moving southeast coast may prevail, so before the national day, our province coastal city may have heavy rain. The next few days the public need to focus on the meteorological department issued a typhoon message. (reporter Mao Xiaochun) >相关的主题文章: