National Tourism Administration remediation 5a, 4A scenic spots outstanding issues will be disqualif

The National Tourism Administration Regulation 5A, 4A level scenic spot problems will cancel the qualification – Beijing, Beijing, August 25, according to the National Tourism Bureau website news, the National Tourism Bureau recently issued a notice, decided to 5A, 4A level scenic spots as the focus, to focus on remediation of the National Scenic spot. Scenic spots on the problem, will make a serious deal, including the abolition of a number of outstanding issues 5A, 4A level scenic qualifications. The circular said that since last year, the National Tourism Administration has continued to increase the management of 5A class tourist attractions, the establishment of a dynamic exit mechanism, has achieved good response. Under the current management system, there are some scenic spots in the access to A-level scenic spots, do not attach importance to the management, there are facilities aging, environmental degradation, weakening management, service degradation and other issues. Notification requirements, in September this year to December, provinces and autonomous regions in the tourism sector to carry out self correction, the control of national standard "classification and evaluation of" tourism quality level, focusing on the area of security, quality of service, toilet revolution, public infrastructure, service, price and other scenic spots on the aspects of the problem, to be a comprehensive inspection of the local area, 5A 4A level scenic spots, and promote 3A and A-level scenic inspection work. All localities should be aimed at the problems of the scenic area, to guide and urge the parties concerned to develop corrective measures, a clear responsibility to urge the rectification of scenic spots in place. National Tourism Bureau official said that at the beginning of next year, the National Tourism Administration will be carried out in batches nationwide centralized inspection.相关的主题文章: