New luxury flagship real Volkswagen Hui ang-shishangqiyi

New luxury flagship real Volkswagen Volkswagen called God ang Hui car in Chinese, only a short while ago domestic consumers is often the preferred Car Buying mass, from Santana to Pasata, Volkswagen hit a sales myth in Chinese. At the beginning of the top flagship as the Volkswagen Phaeton, is the best representative of low-key luxury connotation. Due to various reasons, the Phaeton eventually discontinued, but the public also launched Hui ang the car, of course, is not the Hui ang Phaeton alternatives, although Chinese only one word, but after all, Hui ang to a level lower than the phaeton. But this car is special for Chinese ang Hui, also it is the leader in the configuration, uphold the public consistent low-key appearance, can be said to be a popular new luxury flagship. Hui ang mass size   380TSI 480 V6 (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) wheelbase (mm) tab: because the Phoenix car tire specifications are different, so the Hui ang 380TSI models and 480 V6 models is highly differentiated.                   recommended dealer: Shanghai West Shanghai tri-D Sales Service Co. Ltd. address: Shanghai City, Jiading District Anting Moyu Road No. 1000 Tel: 021-59571777相关的主题文章: