Nine lives exposure making cheap adorable meow star people overnight explosion of red (video)

"Nine lives" exposure making cheap adorable meow star night making cheap adorable meow star people overnight explosion of red Tencent entertainment news now "nine lives" exposure of movie can be said to be a carnival shoveled shit officer, the reason lies in the September 9th comedy film "nine lives" in the history of the most this cheap adorable meow star who moved to the big screen, the fulfillment of all slaves of the imagination and look forward to the cat. More and more viewers are the brain hole wide open, easy humor and not lose the story touched by the warmth of attraction, reputation is also consistent with the general consensus continued to heat up. Today, the film released behind the making of the video, the film director Barry Sonnenfeld and backroom staff to share the story behind the creation of the film, more unknown comedy and moved has also been opened by one. Warm heart hilarious comedy "nine lives" continued aggressively cheap adorable Mr Maoku overnight explosion of red comedy film "nine lives" by Barry Sonnenfeld (director of "men in black") directed, tells the story of being overbearing president actor one day suddenly turned into a spell in a cat as a pet, the home made general turmoil, thus makes a series of hilarious slapstick stories. The film has been on September 9th officially released in China, a fantasy story, cheap adorable cute to bursting meow star, warm heart touching family has become a weapon to let the audience tears and laughter fly together ". "In the beginning is not laugh, finally completely tears collapse", "not only funny sell adorable piece, see the last with a straight people moved". As a type of "current schedule, the warmth of the solitary family comedy, not only to steadily rising reputation to become a lot of official shoveled shit in the hearts of love, also with a rare family friendly style, become the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, many families can not miss the audio-visual enjoyment. Since the film since the release, the most popular is the actor in the movie Mr. Maoku, Mr. Maoku everywhere. In September 15th, the new version of the Mid Autumn Festival Mr. Maoku will also serve as the new PET images in the elimination of love every day to meet with you. This cute cat not to want, to show the audience unmatched skill and charm, although this is only funny meow star who spoiled all kinds of torment, but the face of base adorable expressions have always "instantly melt your heart". As the most popular in the history of the Red Net meow, Maoku Mr. flotilla, a high cooling and playfully warm heart touching pet cat interpretation on the first day of release of the reach the acme of perfection, there are countless viewers have fall, the passers-by turn pink, "I was coming to see uncle Kevin, but the result is completely fascinated by the cat", "after I finished watching the movie that according to Mr. Maoku to look for a meow star people to support", "this is definitely the most lovely cat in the world, it’s acting has been completely beyond the animal world, I think the Hollywood should be awarded a Gold Award for small cat give it". "Nine lives" behind the scenes featurette exposure dream team painstakingly crafted "dream" behind the scenes in the making of light today, story behind the film director Barry Sonnenfeld behind the creative exposure shooting, surprisingly, to direct the human protagonist meow star who directed the film I was allergic to cats)相关的主题文章: