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No milk no sleep? Master these methods to make milk sleep, sleep all go away! Sohu must guide the baby to sleep baby hold down, as long as a wake up. Sleep must eat Nainai, or crying. These mothers struggling to cope, miserable. Every night when I go to bed with the war, this phenomenon can not be changed? This article today, is "freaky help" about specially sorted, the original title "expert advice: how to sleep, sleep with milk to say goodbye? "(pictures from the freaky help) on sleep, sleep with milk, I have a special writing long articles more comprehensive introduction to sleep, sleep with milk causes and solutions before long articles on words is fully deserve science circles of debris flow! Today this is belong to the best version, thanks to the freaky help lovely editor Yang Xiaomeng from an ordinary mother’s point of view, sort out the idea of 7 questions so clear, help mothers step by step decomposition, finally find a solution. 1 hot mama help: Hello, miss wang! There are a lot of mothers for the baby to sleep very headache. Some babies need to sleep or sleep with milk can, let you mother miserable, sometimes a night must be still, for this phenomenon, how to see Mr. Wang Ronghui? Wang Ronghui: we saw the baby crying before going to sleep there will be anxious, at this time, some mothers found just give milk, hey, magic, stop crying, Everything will be fine. At this time the milk to sleep with hold on to become the so-called "coax sleep magic", but I do not know the curse! Of course, I am also a mother, so very much understand face when the baby crying mothers in anxious mood, what method can fast and effective, with what, very difficult to calm down the baby crying cause analysis. I am in the process of infant development in science and the ability to sleep in, found that many mothers are mainly limited to sleep, to appease the improper way, whether the baby is tired, hungry, is to give the baby milk, no milk is not dependent on the formation, "sleep" does not hold up". Magic spell, sometimes to the mother and the baby are all tired. Some mothers want to change many parenting methods this uncomfortable, even the mother to let the baby cry a few days, the results, due to improper methods, finally is to end up in battle. (pictures from the network) 2 hot mom help: that for this phenomenon you have any good way to solve it? Wang Ronghui: first of all, we advocate to do happy parents, raising happy children. So, get rid of sleep and sleep on milk hold, we advocate a relatively mild method — using NO TEARS principle. Of course, NO TEARS is not a little cry, for the baby, there are some crying is acceptable, and some are to be avoided, the premise is that the mother understand the reason why the baby crying. We hope that the whole process of sleep, the mother and baby are as easy as possible. This is why my sleep is the name of "online course cause baby sleep skills"! (picture from the network).相关的主题文章: