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[notice] opened a rabbit skin to let the children play the machine does not stop, then don’t worry about how to take their children to do the game. – click the title below the blue Sohu maternal attention to meaning khandro energy-saving is the largest what? He is not preaching, instilling more not cramming, but play school and subtle. In daily life, give the baby a good guide, so that the baby can produce a good character and interest, thus affecting the baby’s life, which is the greatest significance of early education. Just received this early, my heart was poked in the! After detailed understanding and experience of a few days, my children and I really love this early on! It can sing, sing, sing! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times! In addition to let the baby to sing it, it has many advantages: high value of Meng Yan, powerful. Perfect design….. The most important thing is that I communicate with the manufacturers to a beautiful price, 270 yuan! And specifically for the purchase of the exclusive gift to fight against the bag! Lovely gifts open group notice of the group date: August 29th -9 month 4 buy price: $270 worth buying? To the best of our knowledge, this is currently the most complete function of the highest price of the early machines. Training children’s learning ability. With human-computer interaction to help children develop interest, increase potential. The man-machine interaction can be like a teacher and guide the baby learning. Knowledge and develop a good habit; intelligent interactive learning can read the baby learn poetry, learn English, math, science Ancient Chinese Literature Search etc.. Intelligent test baby learning interactive games, interactive learning, learning new knowledge in the play! Cartoon image, cute fun learning, very helpful for children’s attention, thinking ability and other aspects to enhance, not only can open their inner potential, but also can teach children to love good mining. Can early sing, let the baby to sing. Children like to sing a good personality. Pipi rabbit Cara OK accompaniment function fully meet the nature of children singing. Children in the process of singing is not only the ability to imitate the ability to exercise and melody, but also for the rhythm of music can have a perceptual knowledge. Like singing children are generally cheerful personality, good at getting along with people, easy to integrate into the team, and easy to become a team leader. Teaching machine interface quickly improve children’s guts. The children to pick up the microphone singing, that the child is good. Often sing, children can exercise in public occasions, strangers not stage fright. Is conducive to the child’s field and courage cultivation. Every day we see a variety of children on stage in the television show is a number of training after the courage. The rabbit skin accompaniment teaching machine can let the children quickly raise courage. Dimensional interface early childhood learning system. The rabbit skin development content is through careful selection and arrangement of preschool education experts. Whether it is the language based learning Chinese pinyin or kindergarten to primary school before the number of discourse cohesion knowledge!相关的主题文章: