November kicked off a Unicom and the world (Shenzhen Tong focused) — Hong Kong –

November kicked off   China Unicom A shares with the world (Shenzhen Tong, Hong Kong and Macao focus) —   since the Shenzhen Hong Kong program approved since the society from all walks of life to the progress of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the preparation and details of a glimpse of what. In August 30th, Chinese invited journalists China Commission Director of International Cooperation Department Qi Bin accept collective interview, preparations for the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the depth of interpretation and significance. Qi Bin revealed in an interview that the Shenzhen Tong is expected mid to late 11 opened, the main institutional arrangements according to the Hong Kong and Shanghai, "opening", will help investors to better share the fruits of economic development of Hongkong and the mainland, the mainland to promote capital market reform, consolidate and enhance Hongkong’s international financial center, promoting the internationalization of rmb. Since the mid to late 11 kicked off since November 17, 2014 Shanghai and Shenzhen Tong opening gong sounded, when the traffic has become the topic of great concern from all walks of life. In March this year, the "government work report" clearly put forward the "timely start of Shenzhen Tong, August 16th, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the program is approved, Chinese Commission and the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission issued a" joint statement ". At present, the system and the technology of preparation work is wildly beating gongs and drums is expected mid to late 11, Shenzhen will be officially opened." Qi Bin said. He also introduced, in August to November, the subsequent preparation of Shenzhen Tong will be launched along two directions — institutional arrangements and technical preparation. In the institutional arrangements, the Commission should Chinese in conjunction with the relevant ministries, the introduction of documents related specifications of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through business and supporting measures. Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the cross-border supervision and law enforcement cooperation, investor protection and other consultations, supervision of the memorandum of cooperation, the existing investor education and other related regulatory cooperation arrangements complement. Meanwhile, the two exchanges and Clearing Corp also signed a cooperation agreement interoperability. Technically, the need to prepare for the technical preparation of the two exchanges, the technical preparation of the Clearing Corp, the technical preparation of the broker and investor education, etc.. Shanghai and Hong Kong through the "upgrade" relative through Hong Kong and Shanghai, Shenzhen Tong means more open, not only to expand the scope of the subject, the amount of release, to give investors more opportunities, "it can be said that the Shenzhen Tong is" upgraded version of Shanghai and Hong Kong." Qi Bin said, so the main institutional arrangements and technical preparation of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through reference and Shanghai and Hong Kong through the successful experience, and have to try something new, such as the abolition of the total amount of the transaction limit, into Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) etc.. "Cancel limit is conducive to attracting foreign investors with long-term, to further promote the overall direction of opening up the capital market, but also help give full play to the positive role of mainland and Hongkong stock market trading interconnection mechanism." Qi Bin analysis road. As for why keep the daily trading limit, he explained, from the practice of Shanghai and Hong Kong, Shanghai shares through the use of the average daily amount of 597 million yuan, the average utilization rate of 4.59%; Hong Kong stocks through the daily average amount of 772 million yuan, the average utilization rate of 7.36%, the daily limit on the amount is enough, therefore not consider adjustment. )相关的主题文章: