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Real-Estate Ayala Land Corporation had been a perfect example of an eco-friendly real estate development group in the Philippines, particularly when Nuvali had launched a tree planting Philippines event which aims to educate Filipinos in the importance of trees in our daily lives. This is through MulTREEply and T.R.E.E. Nuvali: An Eco-Friendly .munity nuvali is a .munity developed by Ayala Land Corporation, along-side with the Yulo Family who owned the land since it was first acquired by Jose Yulo in 1948 from American enterprising .panies. After it was acquired by Jose Yulo, the once large sugar plantation was developed as an industrial, .mercial, and residential .munity in Sta. Rosa Laguna. However, it was further developed when Ayala Land Corp., one of the largest and most successful real estate development group in the Philippines, had worked together with the Yulo Family to establish a modern .munity which will not only feature modern architectural designs and homes, but also a self-sustaining, ecofriendly .munity. This is when Nuvali was first established in the Philippines. Environment Sustainability of Nuvali Nuvali pushes for greener lifestyle by using eco-friendly solutions to different problems, such as by practicing proper water conservation and its re-use as well as proper waste management which can significantly help in the problem with waste segregation and water supply. Nuvali is also known for its energy-efficient solutions as well as eco-friendly materials and architectural designs for their infrastructure and facilities. MulTREEply and T.R.E.E. T.R.E.E., or Together Reforesting the Earth’s Environment), is a project by Nuvali which entices the public to join or start their own tree planting Philippines event within Nuvalis own .munity. MulTREEply is one of those events which is a joint effort by Nuvali and HARIBON Foundation which aims to educate Filipinos on the importance of trees in our lives. MulTREEply was held in October 15, 2011 within Nuvalis own .munity, at the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, Nuvali, Laguna. Nuvalis Efforts As a modern .munity, Nuvali had been recognized as a green .munity which practices the best way of conservation, both in energy and water, waste management, as well as eco-friendly materials that does not only do good for its residents, but also to the environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: