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Ayala Land Corp. is the largest real estate development corporation in the Philippines today. It is known to have built some of the most celebrated real estate and establishments in the Philippines, houses, subdivisions, housing communities, condominiums, malls, and many others. Recently, Ayala land Laguna had established a new real estate which aims to cater to the needs of modern Filipinos as well as their family. This is by establishing Nuvali, a housing community found in Sta. Rosa Laguna which is known to feature some of the most unique and modern facilities ever found in a housing community. What is Nuvali? Nuvali, formerly known as the Friar Lands in the 1800s, is a community developed by Ayala Land Laguna in cooperation with the Yulo Family, which was the owner of the Land. According to the Yulos, nuvali was first known as a lush sugar plantation back in the 1800s which was owned by American Enterprising companies. It was however acquired by Jose Yulo in the 1940s and was developed as a community found in Laguna. However, it was until recently that Ayala Land Corp. had taken interest in the lands topography as well as its environment that it was developed as a modern community that caters for modern Filipinos. This was then named as Nuvali. Nuvali Evoliving Evoliving is a term coined by Nuvali which is a vision of sustainability, which is the key to an improved quality of life, which is the evolution of lifestyle. Evoliving is a synthesis between Revolution, which is a new way of thinking, and Evolution. Green Living Nuvali also pushes for Green-Living, which is a term normally used to define a form of lifestyle which makes efficient use of nature and its products. Most houses available in Nuvali is made up of eco-friendly materials, and are built to maximize the use of energy. Benefits of Nuvali As a self-sustaining community, Nuvali is known to offer the kinds of needs that people require to live a life of comfort, such as stores, restaurants, schools, and even a hospital. As a modern housing community, Nuvali is also known for its collection of facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, sports complexes, and most particularly its recreational parks and playgrounds. About the Author: Gregorio Miguel Altamira is a retired realtor who worked for a number of prominent real estate development companies and corporation in the Philippines. Today, he busies himself with providing information which can be useful for Filipinos looking for a perfect home in the Philippines by writing different articles of the advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and other information regarding a type of housing available in the market, both old and new. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Real-Estate 相关的主题文章: