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Obama announced the establishment of a new network of America’s first marine protected areas in the Atlantic – in Washington in September 15, Xinhua (reporter Lin Xiaochun) 15 U.S. President Obama announced, will build the first at the Atlantic’s national marine protected areas, the protection of the northeastern United States new England coastal area of nearly 13 thousand square kilometers of mountains and valleys under water ecology system. Obama the same day by the United States Department of state sponsored international conference on our ocean announced the establishment of the Northeast Water Valley and seamount marine national monument". In his speech, he recalled his childhood life in the seaside of Hawaii. He thought that if he did not protect the sea, he would not be able to protect the earth. "Our oceans nourish us and protect us, and regulate the climate and weather, we carry from transportation to tourism to a variety of trade and industry, health greatly our earth Shanghai ocean determines our body and health of our economy," Obama said, "we are here to do the decision and the actions taken, we will shape the future of the sea." According to the background of the White House issued a statement, "the Northeast Water Valley and sea mountain national marine conservation area total area of 12 thousand and 700 square kilometers, including 3 than the Grand Canyon of Colorado but also deep underwater valleys and 4 undersea mountain, the turtle and the endangered minke whales, sperm whales, long SEI whales and other protected species living inside. After the establishment of the reserve, commercial fishing, mining and drilling will be banned, but will provide a seven year grace period for the red crab and lobster fishing. The northeastern United States in New England in the fishing industry. For the establishment of national marine protected areas, local fishermen have expressed opposition to the organization. The United States Coast of the Atlantic lobster Association said in a statement, Obama’s, the local fishermen have unemployment, fishery economy has also been hurt. Last month, Obama announced, expand the area of the Papa Hanau Mokuajiya national marine conservation area will be located in the northwest of the Hawaii islands 4 times to about 1 million 500 thousand square kilometers, the reserve has thus become the world’s largest marine protected areas. International Conference of our oceans 15 to 16 in Washington, dc. The White House statement said the more than and 20 participating countries will announce the establishment of 40 new marine protected areas, with a total area of about 1 million 200 thousand square kilometers. Count Papa Hanau Mokuajiya the expansion of the national marine conservation area, the world’s new marine protected area has more than 2 million 300 thousand square kilometers of this year, more than last year’s record of 1 million 900 thousand square kilometers.相关的主题文章: