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Official: public examination candidates such as cheating are never allowed to enter the civil service – Beijing, Beijing, September 28, according to the Ministry website news, recently, the Central Organization Department, human resources and social security department and the national civil service bureau jointly issued a document, the Department announced the "civil service examination discipline violations approach". Measures to increase the intensity of the punishment for cheating in the exam, candidates if there is collusion cheating or participate in organized fraud and other serious violations of discipline, will never be allowed to enter the civil service. The measures for the administration of civil servants’ examination and discipline violations shall be implemented as of October 1, 2016, and the measures for the handling of disciplinary violations of the civil service examination shall be abolished in 2009 (for Trial Implementation). According to the new requirements of the legislative law set permissions on the processing department regulations, the "measures" provisions for serious disciplinary violations and serious disciplinary violations of the candidates to cancel the qualification registering for examination, when not accepted, and entered the civil service examination integrity file database, as the case records of 5 years or long-term record. The "measures" to increase the punishment for cheating on the exam, according to the criminal law amendment (nine) on the relevant provisions of the crime of cheating in the exam, to further clarify the candidates and recruiting staff to abide by the law and discipline. Applicants who have been involved in cheating or organized cheating and other serious violations of discipline, will never be allowed to enter the civil service. Hiring staff organization, planning organized cheating or organized cheating in the main role, to be dismissed. If a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated according to law. As a powerful blow to use high-tech means of cheating, "measures" summarizes the practice and experience in recent years, increasing the treatment in terms of similar responses, the process of similar responses. The "measures" to improve the discipline violations processing procedures, the on-site disposal, before making a decision, inform the decision making and delivery, to the relief of a series of decision procedures, providing institutional guarantee for the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of students improve disciplinary violations work standardization level. The full text is as follows: the way the civil service examination malpractices approach first   identification and treatment in order to regulate the civil service examination discipline violations, serious examination discipline, to ensure fair and impartial examination work, according to the relevant provisions of the "People’s Republic of China civil law", the enactment of this approach. Second   candidates and staff in the civil service examination of the determination and handling of violations of discipline, the application of these measures. Third   identify and deal with violations of the law, the facts should be clear, conclusive evidence, procedures and norms, the application of accurate provisions. Fourth   the administrative department of civil servants, recruiting agencies and examination institutions and other relevant institutions in accordance with the provisions of the civil service examination authority of laws and regulations and other duties of the candidates and staff discipline violations identified and processing. Fifth   candidates to apply for the qualification of the applicant.相关的主题文章: