Officials sell birth certificate black wash white – Beijing, highlighting the loopholes in the

Officials sell "birth certificate" "black" wash white highlights – loopholes in the system Beijing Health Bureau management personnel embezzlement, joint network "on-line" altered sale "birth certificate"…… Recently, Hunan police uncovered officials illegally altered, the sale of "medical proof of birth" cases, cases involving Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Beijing and other provinces. "Birth certificate" of the online public sale of reporters from Hunan province Longhui County Health Bureau was informed that due to theft of hospital seal, privately issued "medical proof of birth" trafficking for profit, Longhui County Health Bureau official Liu has been detained by the police. According to Liu confessed to the police department, in charge of "medical proof of birth" related work in Wei he privately issued 4 "medical proof of birth", and the price of $800 per sale to network "on line". According to reports, Liu issued a false birth certificate has been online on the line to 50 thousand to $100 thousand per ton sold to other provinces. Verified by the public security departments, the 4 "birth certificate" users have been successfully settled in the provinces. In the proof of the "issue" Deming hospital basic query is not settled in his mother’s name, ID number, delivery records and other information. Each hospital issued a birth certificate, the hospital should have a seal. The investigation, Liu Deming used Longhui county hospital seal is invalid, the system was stolen." Longhui County Health Bureau spokesman Zeng Wen said. Qiyang County, Hunan has also been a similar situation. Police said they found someone sold on the network official 3 sheets of Qiyang County MCH fake birth certificate, one of which is that in February 26th this year from the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Qiyang County issued false certificates, bought at the local children have helped on the account. "The proof has not been issued a formal process for the hospital, is purely fabricated, but it can give a" black ", or even suspected abducted children successfully settled, seriously disrupting the order of the population registration management." Longhui County Public Security Bureau police Luo Yong said. From behind the loopholes in the system every month, the number of newborns in hospital issued proof of statistical data, to verify the supervision by the person in charge of ryu." Longhui County deputy director of the Bureau of Health Bureau, told reporters. According to Liu confessed that he was the first to sell the two hospital is handed over proof of retirement. According to regulations, caused by the void birth certificate by printing errors, damage and other reasons, should be with the "void" stamp, and progressively handed destruction, and finally unified sales. The use of Liu and no proof of the unauthorized use of the void seal. Police, the other two are Liu from the hospital issued a secret to extract from. The reporter understands, each birth certificate has a unique number, number of hospital after receiving through the use of tracking, if lost, need to write a written explanation and pin number. And the relevant person in charge of the hospital if you did not find the number of errors will be led away, Liu can be passed on to the hospital. In July this year, Longhui county to implement the municipal government must change to all new midwifery institutions, the abolition of official collection. As a full-time administrator, Liu相关的主题文章: