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On crutches for students to "guide" (story? People image) – Society – people.com.cn Shu Yuliang on the blackboard. Yao Lei was taken to scan two-dimensional code to see more content initially determined to do the teachers in this occupation, in addition to simply out of love, to a great extent with anger. "How to arrange education bureau to a cripple?" In the first day of work, there are colleagues and even students behind on crutches to walk Shu Yuliang pointing. He did not attack, "at that time determined that the work must not be worse than others." Shu Yuliang’s leg symptoms in 1999 normal school graduation, "walking, suddenly like the fall of logs, plop straight down on the road." Inspection results show that he was suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and bilateral femoral head necrosis, ankylosis of the spine, waist legs can not bend, not music, lower limb activity limitation, need crutches to walk. Shu Yuliang’s footsteps narrowed day by day, every step of the way, the sharp pain between the shares will hit. The father bought a walking stick to be his best friend. During that difficult time, he is hooked on "how to make steel", the hero Pavel Korchagin encounter is empathy?. "Where to fall, where to stand up," became his motto. "The harder it is, the more you have to prove yourself." The face of challenge, Shu Yuliang volunteered to become the three class of Yuping Dong Autonomous County’s most remote village school third grade teacher zhang. He eats with his students every day to get to know each student. In 2001 the twelfth lunar month, heavy snow, that far from the teaching point 8 km mountain yellow mother Chong Cun a student stay at home alone, Shu Yuliang decided to go to see the students, the mountain difficult, very cold, and slip, finally the pain made him faint in the ground, thanks to the villagers to save him from the snow. Yang Xin, who has graduated from college to work, is a student of Shu Yuliang. Now, he will give him a call every once in a while. "Before the poor at home want to go out to work, a few days did not go to school, I was suddenly saw the sheep Shu teacher came to me." Yang Xin said, just as they were about to meet, Yang Xin suddenly drove the sheep from another path. Shu Yuliang on crutches, stood in the Yang Xin home must pass through the intersection, wait until dark. The second day, Yang Xin to attend school on time. In 2003, due to the merger of the school, Shu Yuliang was transferred to the Yuping County in Guizhou Ethnic now boarding middle school work. The more complicated the task of teaching, let Yuliang Shu really have some to can not stand. Bureau of Education Leadership advice Shu Yuliang Bingtui or adjust the position, but was refused: "that my life is really the end." However, a disabled person to stay on the platform, no doubt to pay several times more than ordinary people to "write on the blackboard, due to a hand on crutches, sometimes write crooked, sometimes overlap together."   Shu Yuliang junior high school for nearly three years, almost all of the text back down, the lecture is more exciting. He said, teasing and singing, the classroom is full of laughter. "The ability to walk, the class must be lively, in order to attract dozens of pairs of eyes to me here." From 2000 to 20相关的主题文章: