On the night of the mid autumn new network with the Nanjing orchestra play – perfect conjugal bliss-stellarium

On the night of the Mid Autumn Sonata "with the orchestra of Nanjing -" perfect conjugal bliss news agency of the new network in September 15 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Shen Ran) although the typhoon "Meranti" to the Yangtze River Delta region people plan to celebrate the "bathing", but the Jiangsu Taiwan orchestra played a total of a mid autumn festival concert so the scene is full of happy atmosphere. On the evening of 15, scheduled for Nanjing Zhongshan city cemetery scenic spots in the open-air music show "full moon Strait Mid Autumn Festival Concert, due to the typhoon brought heavy rain, had to" fight in the "Great Hall of the people in the local. Nevertheless, the local people still high spirits go to appreciate this level of performance. Jiangsu folk music "Jasmine" adapted "jasmine fragrance", "homesickness", "perfect conjugal bliss" and "Moon", "Taiwan folk dance", "the water culture", "spring breeze" and "evening primrose"…… These two popular folk ballads, made the audience applauded. When the "ring" perfect conjugal bliss of melodious music, warm atmosphere of the scene is full of reunion festival. The concert by the Taiwan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the Jiangsu Symphony Orchestra hundreds of young performers interpretation. Taiwan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Music Director and chief conductor Zheng Libin said that professional orchestras can and the mainland, is very meaningful, "do not need any language, when the" evening primrose "," spring breeze "like Taiwan minor sounded, the audience can feel the joy. Music is interoperability, not only between the two sides, around the world, music can let everyone understand each other, music is a good link to promote cross-strait exchanges." Has performed with the Jiangsu Symphony Orchestra Cheng ye said, this cooperation is very smooth, "such as" jasmine fragrance "song of Jiangsu folk song is adapted, although the command of Zheng Libin, but the first cooperation is very smooth. The first few folk music rehearsal is very fast, both guitarists have a certain understanding, for the traditional folk music and playing very rarely estrangement, harmony." Zheng Libin told reporters that this is the second time he spent on the mainland this year Mid Autumn Festival, although affected by the typhoon, missed in Nanjing to watch full moon, but here is a family reunion festival atmosphere". (end)相关的主题文章: