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On the road on both sides of Fang Art – Taiwan channel Chinese characters — people.com.cn   I Jichou heart and moon, with the wind until Yelang west…… Through the years, Li Bai’s poems in Guiyang Kong Xuetang echo; 300 years ago, Guiyang Huaxi Zhou Zhongxuan was appointed to the Taiwan county (now the Luo Jia Yi County) county magistrate, still being called. In September 26th to 28 in Guiyang to participate in the festival of artists on both sides on both sides of Chinese characters, these poems in the story, Chinese characters bearing Chinese characters across the Taiwan Strait is the largest, the fate of common patrimony, beauty is the common heritage Chinese characters play. Where is the beauty of Chinese characters on the art festival, the two sides of the artist ‘s greatest consensus is: in the world, only one word can become art, that is, Chinese characters, Chinese calligraphy is a symbolic art. Taiwan calligrapher Du Zhonggao said at the seminar, calligraphy, combine symbolic spirit and the game as a whole, with literature, philosophy and art. There is "Qi" in the touch of the brush paper, and there is "Rhyme" on the paper. This process carries the connotation of Confucianism and Taoism in Chinese traditional philosophy. The endless road, art is endless; know a survival without losing its positive; and according to the art, Chengde, this is the theoretical basis of "benevolence". "Only the physical and mental, tact of Kangji benevolent, can write" Insoo "". Reporters understand that this is probably the word, such as its mystery. Taiwan calligrapher Chen Kun said, Chinese characters writing both practical and artistic, practical when replaced by photocopying, computer, printing technology, visual art is sound and light shock, even writing calligraphy seems useless. It is useless to use, the children can cultivate healthy personality of adults can moral heart. Artists distinctive personality, there are differences in consensus. Cross strait scholars Chinese characters art one of the differences or the old topic: simplified beauty. Researcher Tian Qing China art academy chart, now, the use of simplified characters, beginning in pre Qin Dynasty, 49 words in 62 words, in the Qin and Han Dynasties of Sui and Tang Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty in 31 words 72 words…… Only 1 words after 1949. He believes that the Chinese characters have been simplified in practical use, for example in Dunhuang he saw two scrolls, the total stack in Caozi head together, I do not know what the word, just understand, this is the copy will replace the "Buddha" two words. Tian Qing thinks the two sides two homologous, character is not dialogue, knowledge is frequently used, Jane Jane books can be complicated, "don’t you love can not write." Taiwan is now blowing "to China" wind, "Chinese characters have become the foreign word, scholars use simplified cross-strait disputes, to share the glory (Chinese characters), shared (Chinese characters) it." What confused when calligraphy experimental and avant-garde art concepts into calligraphy, calligraphy from writing to content and material are changed, this is innovation or new? Is the expansion of the modern art of calligraphy or the art of calligraphy? The collision between the two sides in the art festival. Taiwan calligrapher Huang Zhiyang do Taiwan experimental calligraphy theme report will be pushed to the climax of the collision. Huang Zhiyang shows the experimental works of calligraphy, there are popular or even dialects, there are traditional Chinese painting as a background, the newspaper sticky相关的主题文章: