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On the show to play "Star" souls of the blade can CARRY the lead: variety show can play what tricks? Games, sisters, stars are indispensable, if there is a bit of pollution that is more perfect! Since the Tencent launched the first domestic game show "file against war", the brightest star of God have said "I accept the first dragon Ao sky", in order to decide who is the real cures against the old Chinese, Chen Handian, Hu Xia, Yuri Huang, Huang Cancan, Yang Di, Li Bo and other stars of the summoner avatar, in show the new name "souls blade" interactive link a go, someone CARRY someone back pot, so you can play the original spirit! The original soul so you can play in my field, no one can beat me in the gaming industry, a sudden burst of red, although people are not stupid, but really much money! Many of the players themselves is also the beginning of the formation of the stars of the team. Then several guest stars in this "war" against the will to take this opportunity to "debut", from the team to enter the competition? The following small series on a strong analysis for everyone! QQ King tournament to as early as ingenious as the program schedule and the first QQ game king Championship coincidence, stars if you want to team up or turn left out. The most important thing is to match the total prize money of up to 1 million, mom no longer have to me with a brick smashed armored car worry! With the "war" against the interactive game of the same name popular MOBA Games "souls blade" is the core of the king championship race project, fried chicken game operation is simple, even a witless woman can easily get started, together a team of 5 people not too simple. "The imitation of King Chen Handian: ADC wants money fast must be beautiful! Chinese expression emperor Yang Di: I am afraid you are not afraid of this single! "Wuda goddess" Huang Cancan: I’m responsible for selling a adorable! "Warm spoony male" Hu Xia: five Qi, the team! When it comes to the lineup. Before the war "against", Chen Handian has demonstrated his extraordinary talent game to you, I believe it can find the feeling in the souls of the "edge", as the core of the team ADC position. From micro-blog interactive Hu Xia and Yang Di, we are not difficult to find that the two is not only the gaming old driver, but also often work together to open the black, so with a tacit understanding, in a single + single with GANK no problem, as for the souls of the hero Joe’s house men and women like Yuri Huang will naturally choose a God can the auxiliary plus blood, not to mention the amount of milk well…… Yuri Huang: me and Joe, who is more beautiful? It seems the star clan configuration was also quite high yo, as they want to be in the king tournament "souls blade" project to become the dark horse was master hanging small but at least can make nothing of it, Chen Handian and Yang Di Bryant in this funny, the effect is certainly out of entertainment! In a small series of fine (Chun) to (Shu) component (Y) analysis (Y), do you think MDZZ is justified? QQ game king tournament "souls blade" finals will be in November 13th in Beijing grand opening, Star Cafe and grassroots.相关的主题文章: