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Only Ci Xi and Guangxu’s death a day is a coincidence or conspiracy of Ci Xi core tip: the disclosure of historical facts and details, reflects the relationship between the old Ci Xi and Guangxu, hated him not expected even it must be in want of oblivion, or her necessary arrangement organization team to help in reading the history and current situation, let him understand the western countries including the constitutional system, political change. Because of the death of Ci Xi Dynasty, the pains were in vain. It seems the truth of old age between the two men, especially in the cause of death, really should be careful not to make a hasty conclusion.   Ci Xi   data in this paper. Author: Dai, Anshan, the original title: Ci Xi and Guangxu died just one day, is a coincidence or another insider? Near the end of the year 1908, the Forbidden City was amazing news, Guangxu emperor and Empress Dowager Ci Xi died in two days, inside and outside the city of officialdom and folk suddenly float, the turbulent political situation becomes There were many discussions.. The death of the evening of November 14, 1908, Beijing winter is especially cold, Emperor Guangxu died quietly in the palace, dying without a companion, and was found dead for a long time. The next afternoon, 74 year old Ci Xi was dead. The 38 year old emperor die one day before the seven year old Ci Xi died, people can not help but doubt, has many legends, many people think that Ci Xi knew disease will not work, can not be reconciled before Guangxu died, so under the murderous. But the detailed examination of Qing Imperial archives, the Guangxu is affected by tuberculosis, liver, heart, rheumatism and other chronic torture, resulting in a serious lack of immunity of the body, a multi system disease, resulting in heart failure, acute infection and death. In 1980, the Qing Xiling cultural relics management cleaning Chongling Palace of the Earth, found the remains intact, 1.64 meters in length, no blade scars. Through the test of cervical and hair, no poisoning phenomenon, analysis and judgment of experts, medical experts and Ch’ing archives is consistent, that is the normal death of guangxu. Another test results are found in recent years, Guangxu Department poisoning death. But there are still scholars reservations, said that the poisoning is hard to confirm, said Ci Xi is the mastermind is unclear, if someone is more likely to be poisoned, Yuan Shikai, Li Lianying. The reform movement of 1898 was suppressed, as the name of the Emperor Guangxu emperor in the late Qing Dynasty political activities for ten years. In the meantime, some have seen far from his Western records, or from those who served his eunuchs in the mouth, the impression is that he seems to fall into a deep depression, unresponsive, dazed. A maid Ci Xi served under the arrangement of Ci Xi, married to the Guangxu emperor barber Liu eunuch. The maid memories of her husband told her, "shaved his head, asked the emperor massage? You know the emperor is a quick temper, and always do not pay attention to the details of life, had tired, usually shook his head, more not picky.’. I salute the emperor, the eyelids also does not carry, just thinking". The husband also said that when the emperor had little smile. Ci Xi read the book and in the constitutional arrangements in the disclosure of the archives of Qing Dynasty, reflected as the puppet emperor.相关的主题文章: