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Oral: reality version of Sherlock worry, I have always thought the first afternoon, see a text written in a friend of women’s magazine, entitled "every man heart is asleep for an old lover", was my first reaction is that this article for idlers, because of busy people, especially busy man where is the time to finish those crappy old youth? I have the time is not a lot of money to buy his son for his family, he love the piano, to help his wife made her popular jewelry necklace…… I think this is the reality of life. The past love, but a cloud. Have to admit that my heart also has a cloud, but I think the world with the wind blew, the clouds had dispersed, and also my life not to throw a shadow, but the fact is that I was wrong. On Sunday, I went to the supermarket shopping, met Zhao Li, when she was carrying two rolls of toilet paper and cabbage are lined up to prepare for the checkout two. I didn’t speak up, because I don’t want to embarrass her in front of me, from her dress, her life will certainly not optimistic. So, I don’t see what is going to be like this, and she passed. But it was her turn to checkout, actually stopped, the original, her wallet was stolen. The first time I rushed past, she paid the money to help. Saw me, she paused, then said some kind words, I also asked her about your life, she says her husband stocks lost a lot of, their work is not very good, so the day is not too good, but the grandfather left a suite, so will not endure hardship, monthly rent is enough she and her husband daily expenses. I don’t want to hear her pain, just drive her home. And then I did not go to the supermarket, because I feel the inexplicable love dearly. I wonder if today Zhao Li today dressed in elegant, he is no longer sad, I’m not sure. But on the second day Zhao Li call to give me money, but I did not dare to see her. I drink too much after the day. Back home wife Yin face, asked me where to go, even her birthday do not remember. Said she didn’t want me to take the phone to her surprise, and I was left with nothing whatsoever, also drunk back. The tone of my wife gave me a half of the wine immediately, I joked that I do not have material gifts, give yourself to you! My wife scolded me, but I hugged her tightly. At that moment, I do not know why, just want to be close to a pain, put all the worries down. My wife hiding in my arms like a sexy kitten, immediately turn angry for hi. I am actively kept busy, but I still say a word, because I have a wife shouted to Zhao Li, she immediately pushed my body, put me out of bed to blow down. I know. She’s really pissed off. To this end, we have not been able to quiet the whole night. On the second day I went to work, and I couldn’t sleep until I was in the afternoon. I had a good time. I looked at the woman’s magazine on the table, and when I turned to the article, I smiled. Then he gave his wife a call that I go to the food market to buy her favorite work of Eggplant and white gourd, is also preparing the mobile phone number to replace a wife kept asking, you)相关的主题文章: