Ouyang Changzheng now the funds too far superrecovery

Ouyang Changzheng: now the head of the Alfa capital rational workshop Ouyang March Sina Financial News by the U.S. "fortune" (Chinese Edition) organized by the Xiamen Jinyuan group hosted the sixth fortune CEO summit held in Xiamen in September 7, 2016, Alfa Ouyang attended and spoke Long March workshop. He believes that the market is not the capital of the winter, but the entrepreneurial winter, and now the funds are too rational, rational a little too far. Entrepreneurial companies at this stage, advice must take the money, no matter how much equity dilution, live down first. The following is the conference record: Ouyang Changzheng: I think it is not appropriate to call the capital of winter, from the market point of view, the money is still very much, Europe and the United States needless to say, the stock market hit a new high. From the domestic, the house needless to say, iron and steel, coal prices, in addition to start-up companies, so I think the argument is not true of the capital of the winter, more likely to be called more suitable for entrepreneurship winter. Personally, I think there is a relationship with the exit channel. Exit channel blocked, the capital of a lot of money, but do not want to invest in start-up companies, I think this is the current problem, not to say that the capital of the winter, I personally think it may be entrepreneurial winter. Now the stage is certainly the first to take the money, no matter how much equity dilution, the first to survive. But I just want to add that the funds are too rational, rational a little too far. Because of this change in human behavior is irrational, look at Ma Huateng QQ very early, do not see that the funds invested may be irrational. Too rational, I think the cash flow will be very good. The reality is that you are now prudent funds, is rational, for entrepreneurs, it may be that you have to take care of your every penny. Refinancing when set a goal, I think it may be a good valuation valuation, you must get the money, otherwise the dead have no future. In addition to the choice of investors, this is more important, because this time to give you the money must be true love, at the bottom of the time to give you money, will accompany you all the way to grow. At the peak of the time to get the money, to go fast, the difficulties encountered by enterprises, may produce some problems, and even legal problems. At the bottom of the time to get the money, as long as someone is willing to vote for you, or the value is closer, because the core of the valuation is trust. At low tide can give you money, I think the two sides may go a little longer, than you, for example, in 2014, in 2015 to get a financing this relationship should be closer. This era of business model changes too fast, especially the user needs change very quickly. For example, last year to do a social product, this year you suddenly found that you are doing a live video, this time in the end is to follow or not to follow, this is very difficult. You want to follow, although the technology is more mature, but the flow rate is still very expensive, probably a few million a month, this time your money is not enough. If you do not, you must be eliminated, I think it is very, very important to entrepreneurs. But I think there are some good ways to solve this problem. As he said just now, he has a theory on the main line相关的主题文章: