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Writing Classical economics which is considered as the earliest form of economics was developed by famous economists like Adam Smith, Jean Baptiste Say, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus and John Stuart Mill. Adam Smith composed The Wealth of Nations in 1776 which marked the advent of classical economics. It was reinstated by neoclassical economics in 1870 by the British. The term neoclassical economics was coined by Karl Marx which refers to the works of Ricardo. If you seek online assignment help you will understand this concept which states that the market is considered to adjust itself against the Keynesian thought where government is required to intervene. Evolution of Economics: Classical economics was introduced in an environment where industrial revolution was altering the society and capitalism was reinstating feudalism. It was based on the idea of developing a society where individual participants had their monetary gain as objective. The wealth of the nation was branded with annual national income for which labor, land and capital were invested. The benefits were to be shared by the laborers, landlords and capitalists in the form of salary, rent and profits respectively. Value theory The Value Theory is used to study the economic dynamics. Market price is segregated from natural price to help study the regularity of prices. While market prices get influenced by temporary fluctuations, natural prices capture persistent forces of the moment. Theory of prices was determined by levels of output, technology and salaries. However, this theory was not developed fully by economists Ricardo or Marx. Classical economics is more focused on the benefits of the trade. Classical Models Classical models are dependent on factors such as production, labor supply, labor demand aggregate supply and demand and funds that could be loaned. These models are influenced in their equilibrium by technology shocks, taxes on labor income and monetary or financial policy. Keynesian model inspire Simple classical models where a simple frame work is structured where fixed labor supply is assumed rather than fixed wages. The role of aggregate demand was given due weightage and Say postulated the law that supply creates its demand. According to Classical economic models unemployment is a result of excess production. This model suggests that if the economy is left untouched it would reach equilibrium with an economy full of employment. In Classical economics, money and its nature are studied where the velocity of money is observed. Velocity of money is defined as the rate at which money is spent and this depends on the type of economy where it prevails. If the jargons above appear very confusing, which happen with students of Economics there is nothing to worry as you will find several online economics assignment help these days. ExpertAssignmentHelp.com provides assignment help services on various academic subjects for students from different countries such as Australia, UK, USA, Canada, UAE, New Zealand and many more countries. If you are looking for assignment help services log on to www.Expertassignmenthelp.com About the Author: 相关的主题文章: