Peng Jincheng bears pressure consumed more than one gold layout 1330 x3210

Peng Jincheng: short press depleted gold single layout 1330 clients view the latest market along with the closing of Jackson Holzer’s central bank [micro-blog] will the rest of the week, the economic data is undoubtedly the most heavy August payrolls report released on Friday, because has a significant effect on the data of the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in the future time the. But before this, the market also have other important events of the test, it is Beijing time on Tuesday (August 30th) 18:30, the Fed’s "number two" Fisher will once again made a speech, his speech power is not inferior to Yellen. Jackson Holzer was held on Friday at the annual meeting of global central banks, Yellen not clearly hinted that the Fed will raise interest rates when, but then Fisher published a hawkish speech, made September the rate hike is expected to rebound. The author believes that Fisher’s speech at night or to raise interest rates have a further explanation. Due to Yellen’s speech at the annual meeting of the central bank hawks, so that the Fed rate hike in September, while the probability of interest rate hike in December is also rising. The Fed since last December launched the first rate hike has lasted nearly 9 months, there is no further action, we can say the moment came in a moment. The recent six months, with non farm data concerned, by six, 72 improved, especially the data performance is particularly eye-catching, but other aspects, such as inflation, PMI and so on, obviously the Fed has not yet reached the expected. So, the importance of non farm data on Friday the situation is more prominent, the Fed will be under the control of Yellen as an important reference index of monetary policy in September. Published obvious hawkish views from many Fed officials this week, if payrolls continued to be strong, is the hawkish views the best support for September is expected to raise interest rates will continue to rise, then the gold bulls or bears will be difficult to stop the offensive. And if the non farm data bleak, less than 200 thousand people, then in the current interest rate hike is expected to continue to increase, it is bound to cause a huge market shock, when the gold is hopeless, the short term will reverse the short trend. Of course, this is only the author’s personal opinion on non-agricultural data, the specific need to wait for guidance after the publication of non-agricultural data. Prior to this, because the market is too concerned about and panic psychology, to avoid the risk of sentiment led to cautious market, the market is not active, the price of gold to maintain concussion. From the technical point of view, after the price of gold yesterday morning opening small consolidation quickly fell, the lowest reach 1315 line, give a person a kind of fell Powei down the illusion, and then the Asian session, the price of gold in the morning to directly stabilize low rising volatility, continuous high breaking, this state lasted until the U.S. ending. The final daily recorded a positive column a long lower shadow, this root needle bottom patterns can be said is a good turning point, the market yesterday will be steady rebound and closing Yang, that potential short will be exhausted. The daily running low, although the price of gold, but this morning do maintain consolidation in the top 1320, short cycle indicators for the better development, 4 hours, the price of gold rebounded to stabilize five week moving average, Sergey show necking dropping trend, MACD MACD upward potential easing, to be two volume, with the.相关的主题文章: