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People’s Daily: menu key poverty alleviation, in the "precision" – View – November 2013, general secretary Xi Jinping first proposed the precise poverty concept study in Xiangxi, pointed out that poverty alleviation should be realistic, according to local conditions, avoid shouting slogans, and do not set ambitious goals. What is accurate? How accurate? Shaanxi Province, Longxian realized in the practice: look really poor, really help the poor, poverty alleviation, user facilities strategy, tailored for poverty alleviation, in order to cooked meal of appetite, digestible, nutritious, 42 pounds. Longxian is located in the Six Mountains of the country’s key counties for poverty alleviation, poor natural conditions, poor people, poverty alleviation and development difficulties. But the county but despite difficulties, easy and hard to creatively explore "menu" new model of poverty alleviation and development. Practice has proved that this method is effective for help, to the point, to help the heart, give people inspiration. The biggest characteristic of the menu is poor, the masses "order", "accessories", "government cadres serving, assessment on the dish". Asked to take the initiative to the people, listen to the wishes of the development of the masses of difficulties, to guide the masses satisfied order, so you point I have you need me for, this is the foundation. According to the "one village, one policy, a law", set up "to what, to what the idea of helping, carefully" accessories ", strive to build harmonious and" Manhanquanxi ", which is the key. Relying on the cadre occupation skills and job characteristics, for different types of poor households send private custom "Assorted Dim Sum", to support the development of special industries, from volunteering, helping, employment, income and other aspects of poor households "service", which is close to the core. With "billing method" as the starting point, carefully on the dish, the precise poverty into the focus of the work of departments and units in Township bills, bills, bills and season month week bills, the responsibilities to each contact and contact responsible person, to ensure that the shoulder the burden, heart pressure this is a work, power, security. To build the integrity of the chain, will help to implement poverty alleviation, to help the gener. Menu poverty alleviation is a vivid interpretation of the precise. Whether it is touching the foundation, or measures, only into the poor households not to mind taking the trouble, repeated communication, detailed investigation, root actually identify families of poverty, can on this basis to determine the types of poverty, as a party, an antidote against the disease to lay a good foundation. Accurate positioning, improve the precision management of poverty reduction resources is particularly important to do this, can the polymerization of various resources, make it really used in the poor body, not leaking. In addition, the responsible person should also be responsible for precision management, so that a village has a precise poverty alleviation team, a person who has a responsibility to get rid of poverty, strictly implement the responsibility system, not out of poverty does not decouple. According to the actual needs and the objective demands of the difficulties of the masses, the problems of specific solutions, you can customize a table filled with the aroma of "helping feast", a rich nutrition food "". Precise poverty alleviation, the key in people. Poor people need guidance and self-reliance, boosting the role of cadres at all levels should not be overlooked. Some places are always "poverty alleviation taoshengyijiu)相关的主题文章: