People’s Procuratorate, as the association held a forum of people’s prosecutor by praising the enter-jinshen

People’s Procuratorate, as the association held a forum of "people’s prosecutor" by praising the TV entertainment Sohu "people’s prosecutor" forum site Sohu entertainment news to real-life outstanding prosecutors groups as archetypes, based on real case prosecutors investigating the story drama "people’s prosecutor", since the a prime time broadcast on CCTV in August 22nd, had a strong influence, has been widely praised. The play by CCTV, Zhejiang Yongle Film Production Co. Ltd., Beijing City People’s Procuratorate and the second branch of Chinese procuratorial press jointly produced, Cheng Lidong served as general director. The morning of September 10th, China prosecutors and Chinese Federation TV Artists Association jointly organized by the TV series "people’s prosecutor" forum held in the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the literary and art circles of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, experts and scholars attended the creative staff, summing up the drama creative experience and artistic characteristics of movie works of rule of law to discuss the development and prosperity of socialist rule of law. Party secretary of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, attorney general Cao Jianming attended the forum and delivered a speech. He stressed that the prosecution of literature and art is an important part of the party and the people’s literature and art, but also an important part of the socialist legal culture. At the meeting, representatives of members, experts and scholars on the play highly consistent, that "people’s prosecutor" is not only the construction of literary masterpieces in recent years, it is also an important achievement of the rule of law culture construction. Not only to show the process and the overall pace of the rule of law, but also show the people’s prosecutor’s feelings and the new prosecutor amiable and respectable image, but also to show the strength of the rule of law, the power of justice. The dramas, not only for the inspection and the "blue" emblem shining screen, let the spirit of the rule of law and the rule of power transfer thousands of households. At the same time, we put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions on the movie works, to the prosperity and development of procuratorial literature, puts forward high perspicacity and expectation law culture construction. Theme breakthrough promote social spirit of the rule of law of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate director of the Political Department of Party members, prosecutors, Chinese Federation Chairman Wang Shaofeng presided over the forum. Liang Jianzeng, director of CCTV TV drama management center at the Forum on the TV series "people’s Procuratorate" broadcast: the play since landing CCTV broadcast, the audience will be among the best. Relevant statistics show that as of September 8th, the "people’s prosecutor" the cumulative audience reached 262 million; as of September 9th, the "people’s procurator" average rating is 1.02%, the average audience share of 3.2%, a single set of the highest ratings of 1.2%, the highest audience share of 3.77%, the data were ranked the top of the ratings, brisk performance ratings. "People’s prosecutor" producer and director Cheng Lidong and director of articles on the play, starring Zheng Yu, Tao Yin introduced the creation of the shooting process and the creation experience of performance. Cheng Lidong said, the people’s Procuratorate to get the recognition of the audience and experts, he was very pleased. In the preparatory process of this work, in order to ensure the creation of standard script drafts after filming and review of professional personnel involved in the prosecution.相关的主题文章: