PetroChina faces the most difficult period since the listing of half year net profit fell 97.-9c8836

The oil market faces the most difficult period since   the first half year net profit fell 97.9%– energy — original title: the oil market faces the most difficult period since the first half year net profit fell 97.9% yesterday evening, China oil released 2016 semi annual report, the company achieved in the first half net profit of 531 million yuan, down 97.9%; operating profit of 34 billion 540 million yuan, operating profit is lower than the decline in oil prices decline. The operating indicators, the investment structure to further highlight the quality and efficiency oriented, capital expenditure fell by about 46% higher than the historical highs. PetroChina said that in the first half, the international oil and gas prices to further decline, the domestic demand for refined oil in the doldrums, the market competition. During the period, the company’s crude oil and natural gas prices fell 36.5% and 24.5%, respectively, the production and operation of the most difficult period since the listing. In this case, the company actively adapt to the new normal economic development, adhere to the healthy development of policy, adhere to the reform and innovation of quality and efficiency, alleviate oil and gas prices affect the success of benefits, maintain a stable production and management of controlled operation, realized the business performance and ultimately monthly to the good overall profitability. The company’s performance in the international comparable companies in a good level, oil and gas production, natural gas reserves and other indicators of the highest ranking. From all sectors of the business point of view, the first half of the company, the exploration and production segment of the domestic business to strengthen the efficiency, take measures to vigorously control losses and reduced losses, investment and cost effective control of cost and price linkage mechanism; the establishment of overseas business, timely and effective response to the market and oil price changes, to maintain stable and effective development. However, the international crude oil prices are running low adverse effects, exploration and production sector operating loss of 2 billion 419 million yuan. In addition, the company refining and chemical plate achieved a total operating profit of 27 billion 474 million yuan, 22 billion 817 million yuan increase over the previous year; the company total sales segment realized an operating profit of 4 billion 609 million yuan, an increase of 65.6%; the company natural gas and pipeline sector fell sharply in the natural gas price situation, optimize the allocation of resources, reduce procurement costs, increase marketing efforts. To improve the network operation efficiency and benefit, a total operating profit of 11 billion 431 million yuan. Among them, the sales of imported gas and LNG net loss of 8 billion 6 million yuan, 2 billion 620 million yuan less than the same period last year. China oil also said that the second half of the year, domestic and international oil and gas market supply and demand pattern is difficult to have a significant change, but after the initiative to deal with the first half of the year, the company to improve efficiency, efficiency, good situation of steady development is forming and expanding. The company will further strengthen the situation, seize the national supply side structural reform and "The Belt and Road" and other major strategic opportunity, based on the main business of oil and gas, emphasis on quality and efficiency, promote reform and innovation, the full business chain integration advantages. At the same time, CNOOC also released the 2016 semi annual report yesterday, the effective measures to benefit from lowering the efficiency of the first half of the company’s cost control effect is remarkable, the main cost index fell sharply, the main cost of barrels of oil to $34.86 barrels of oil equivalent, down)相关的主题文章: