Philco navigation Zhejiang Trinidad tour officially set sail ppbox

Philco navigation Zhejiang Trinidad tour officially set sail the day of a city, which lasted 7 days, 3 after Wu Yue spots. This way, there is laughter, there is also a shock, passion, beauty is everywhere, full of beauty is more progressive and deep emotional exchanges between the heart and the heart of the Philco dealer. Recently, sponsored by the Zhejiang dealer organization "Philco navigation navigation Philco Zhejiang Trinidad tour campaign officially kicked off in Quzhou Philco navigation base. Our team in Quzhou base this event photo initiated by Philco navigation Zhejiang dealer organization, with a time of 7 days, after Quzhou, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Yueqing, Ningbo and Jiaxing 6 city, the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace, Yandang Mountain, Hangzhou Bay Bridge and other 3 famous scenic spots and part of Philco dealer stores. Through this activity, let Zhejiang District Merchants on the Philco feel the rich natural beauty at the same time, to achieve zero distance communication between the heart and heart, share ideas, create a shop store operation management beliefs and confidence, promoting the cohesion between brand dealers. The team set off from Quzhou arrived in Yiwu Fengya Philco stores a road, sunshine, and wind blowing outside the window, cascading mountains of ups and downs, the scenery is very charming and elegant. Moving in the car music team, gallop all the way forward, quite a bit too proud horseshoe anxious, every day to see Changan flowers feeling." Wandering in the road, you have to go VIA VIA~ I used to cross the mountains and the sea, but also through the huge crowds of people… If… Is the faith in life and continue to move forward, then in the journey, in addition to the belief and the infinite longing to be beautiful and. Remove a trouble, and Hengdian film city, feeling old classic ritual spirit of Tang and song dynasties. In the fegeo, dreaming through the palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties of Tang and Song Dynasty, her rushed through Changan Tianxiang array, curse of the Golden Flower grand, wake up. Together with the team to leave, to enjoy the reputation of the 6 cities of Wenzhou and its cities in Yueqing. Cloudy Ouyue, faded past gorgeous, the air is permeated with the simple beauty of harmony, the leader of dealers under the leadership of the team to the dealer in the rain song. Dinner time, successfully signed three energy-saving member stores, and set up a "Philco Alliance (three brother-in-law" Philco dealer, coincidentally, brother-in-law accidentaly across) is an opportunity.   club signing site are to the courtyard, the light tower. Wenzhou, let love closer. At the moment is joy, is moving, more full of infinite harvest, so that the original warm heart, further. Congratulations "Philco brother-in-law alliance" was not what can stop you yearning for freedom… Two the next station Ningbo, Jiaxing, on the way of the episode and rainy weather also could not withstand the parade enthusiasm, dealers gathered again during the new membership of two stores also shows once again the song, the thousands of extraordinary significance in the parade. A thousand miles. This event will be held successfully and achieved excellent results, cannot do without energy-saving dealers in Zhejiang step by step to pay, and behind the Philco brand influence support. The Zhejiang market, as an important national energy-saving in the sales outlets.相关的主题文章: