Photos Belarus beauty disaster government big concessions Chinese recruit son-in-law (video)

Photos: Belarus government preferential recruit Chinese great beauty in Belarus son-in-law is a can easily find many of the girls on the street, but in recent years the girls have to go to a foreign country, our loss is serious, so the government has also introduced a measure. And their beauty does not make them vases, they are from the inside and outside exudes a noble temperament. They all have good manners and elegant style of conversation, these internal conditions, coupled with congenital external conditions, so they naturally have a great advantage. Now, many Russian beauties are choosing to work in a foreign model company in order to pursue more opportunities for development. The government in order to avoid this scenario is also actively put forward some improvement measures, such as billboards with plane model home, to work in the beauty of their own development, financial subsidies and so on. Although these measures taken by the government that there is some improvement, but a serious imbalance in the proportion of men and women in Belarus under the situation of these women face a new problem is their marriage. So the government now calls on the Chinese to come to Belarus to settle down and marry the local Russian beauties. The men who stay in Belarus can also be subsidized by the work, plus they get to the hall, the kitchen can really attract the vast number of men. Editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, beautiful body swimsuit was cut off by men, amazing scene appeared!

组图:白俄罗斯美女成灾 政府巨大优惠招中国女婿 白俄罗斯是一个在大街上都能够随便找到许多的美女的地方,但是近几年美女们都纷纷去往外国,本国的美女流失严重,于是政府为此还出台了一项措施。而且他们的美,却并没有让他们成为花瓶他们是由内而外都散发着一种高贵的气质。他们都有着良好的修养和优雅的谈吐,这些内在的条件,再加上先天得来的外在条件,让他们自然而然的就有一种过人的优越。现在很多俄罗斯美女为了追寻更多的发展机会,她们纷纷选择在国外的模特公司去工作。政府为了避免这一情况的发生也正在积极地提出一些改善的措施,比如说广告牌上都采用本国的平面模特,给在本国发展的美女们一些工作,资金的补贴等等。虽然政府采取的这些措施让这种情况有一些改善,但是在白俄罗斯的男女比例严重失调的情况下这些美女们又面临一个新的问题就是她们的婚姻大事。所以政府现在又呼吁中国人来到白俄罗斯定居娶当地的俄罗斯美女们。留在白俄罗斯的男子还可以根据工作补贴,加上她们上得厅堂下得厨房确实能够吸引了广大的男子的。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 美女身上的泳衣被男子剪开后 惊人的一幕出现了!相关的主题文章: