Pingdingshan city Baofeng County Rural Reconstruction Project of a migrant worker was electrocuted

Pingdingshan city Baofeng county rural reconstruction project one worker died of electric shock incident to local villagers took Hu Xinwei shock after hanging rod online mapping Pingdingshan News Network (reporter Sam Wang) on September 23rd, in Baofeng County, a rural power grid renovation construction site, a worker unfortunately electric shock dead, triggering a large crowd. According to relatives of the deceased Mr. Ye, the more than three workers in the afternoon, Hu Xinwei is Baofeng County Guanyintang high-voltage wire rod Township rural commercial bank before the work, the original is a 380 volt power state under a sudden call, Hu Xinwei died of electric shock. It is a time to the villagers at the scene of the incident, Hu Xinwei suddenly heard a shout, and then found his clothes on fire, hanging to the poles of ten meters, he did not call him immediately, together with the other workers immediately call to the substation, ask is not the one who pushed the gate to send electricity? "The side of the gates open, people fell from the line, after Baofeng County rushed to hospital, the doctor declared that the workers died." The villager said. Mr Yip said that after the incident, they have alarm processing, the layout of electrical sector is in power construction, the government in the process of construction because there is a need for temporary electricity activities, so the requirements of the power sector power supply, the power sector and construction of communication is not in place, resulting in the tragedy, but this has not been the relevant departments confirmed. 24 afternoon, the reporter linked to the Baofeng County Electric Power Bureau Director Zhang, when asked on the afternoon of 23 Tang Xiang Baofeng County Guanyin is in a transformation in the construction of a worker was electrocuted, Zhang said: "I don’t know now." In response to this, the reporter once again to the Kwun Tong Tong an electrician verification, the electrician told reporters, there is a matter, but the specific reasons are not clear." (mapping network)相关的主题文章: