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The officers involved in the 20 million identity theft fraud court subpoena – Sohu Military Channel Legal Daily reported on October 27th, not long ago, Hunan Province, Yuanjiang City Public Security Bureau sent a reply, rocket army officer Wang Ping (a pseudonym) was finally relieved, he really happened around a pile of fake "Wang Ping" and "a huge loan dislocation case" finally cracked, innocence and identity of Wang Ping has been the name in the army’s help, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the individual. A court summons pull out a pile of Oolong case in July this year, Wang Ping’s troops on duty, suddenly received a telephone call from the mail room, he should take a courier. Open the courier, Wang Ping shocked, which is sent to the people’s Court of Yiwu city of Zhejiang Province, a dozen pages of the summons and complaint. Wang Ping was surprised to find himself suddenly strange a huge debt of 800 thousand yuan, is a businessman who does not know the court, the court has been disabled by the personal credit system, exit restrictions and high consumption. Will not be the same name, the court there, made "Oolong"? Wang Ping carefully verified over personal information, find the booklet, ID number, home address and other personal information accurate. In desperation, Wang Ping rushed to the Political Department of the unit for help. Wang Ping in the military security service for 16 years, how would suddenly involved in private lending disputes, the Ministry of political affairs, director of the Ministry of finance, after receiving the report, feel a matter of great importance, immediately arrange for the investigation of the security section of the investigation, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of political affairs of the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of finance, director of the Ministry of finance, Wang Weiqiang. A student photo leads a pile switch case after investigation, Wang Ping home in Hunan in 1998 was admitted to the Central South University (now South-Central University For Nationalities), and in December 8th of that year the school moved into account. In June 2002, he joined the army after graduating from college, in September the same year, the account will move into the army, serving so far. After joining the army, Wang Ping and the community and no bad contact, also did not participate in any private lending. Understanding of these situations, the force will prove that Wang Ping’s identity material sent to the local public security bureau, and then got some feedback. Read the data files, they found that the case of "Wang Ping" is a doctorate, but Wang Ping has been enlisted in the army, may not be to study. At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the army after the army to cancel the local accounts, but in 2012 when the army unified military identity card, the resident police station household registration system to show the number of Wang Ping ID number, ID number has been used by others. The security department officers after consultation, sure someone stole Wang Ping’s personal information. The Ministry of education online query system also shows that Dr. Wang Ping photos obviously with the officer Wang Ping is not the same person, it can be inferred that the latter use the former information. At this time, Wang Ping was surprised to find that the name "Avatar" is actually the students — Liu Wei close relation to his high school (a pseudonym). The private lending litigation has huge a 18 year old "stuff" case: when Wang Ping excellent in character and learning rural students find themselves after the end of the entrance exam, choose to repeat a year to the college entrance examination. And his classmate Liu Wei was in school with its parent of his office, an imposter "Wang Ping" and the identity of the high.相关的主题文章: