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Poll: 75% of Americans believe that the health of Trump more appropriate president original title: Poll: Americans believe that the health of Trump more suitable presidential News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo in the role of Trump local time on July 21st, in Ohio, Cleveland at the Republican National Convention, Republican presidential candidate Trump delivered a speech. That evening, the U.S. Republican National Convention closed, Trump formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination.   Beijing in September 23, 23 days according to the Russian satellite network reported that the U.S. company Gallup (Gallup) a new report published shows that most Americans believe that Donald · Trump’s health than Hilary · Clinton presidential role. According to the survey, 75% of Americans believe that Donald · Trump is in good health, able to fulfill the duties of the president, the same assessment of the people of Hilary accounted for 62%. At the same time, 51% of Americans said that U.S. presidential candidates should provide comprehensive health information, which may affect their ability to perform the duties of the president. In 2004, only 38% of Americans supported candidates for health information. 92% of respondents also said that good health is an important factor in the president’s outstanding leadership. Hilary · Clinton in New York in September 11th to attend public activities unwell. Then Clinton’s campaign headquarters said doctors diagnosed with pneumonia. After three days of treatment, the Democratic Party has been campaigning again. The two presidential candidates have been approach seventy years of age. Trump is 70 years old this year, and Clinton will be in October 26th to celebrate the birthday of the age of 69. The survey was conducted from 14 to 18 September 2016. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: