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Finance Poor credit bank account is ideal for all people facing rejection form banks due to their poor credit history. If county court judgment or bankruptcy is register against your name then you wont find the better option then this one. With the help of this account one can not only manage their funds but also repair their credit history. There are number of banks and financial institutes are available that provide you this banking facility with various other beneficial services. This is the main reason, it is suggested that one must check out the benefits offered with poor credit bank account. Most of the UK banks will provides you the benefits and facilities mentioned below with poor credit bank account: Bank account without credit check Debit Card facility Online and phone banking service Standing orders and direct debits for paying bills and expenses with ease Affordable account opening and monthly fee Most of the credit problems accepted such as CCJs (County Court Judgments), defaults, a poor payment history or discharged bankruptcy. Bank accounts for personal ns business purposes Free and regular updates form bank about your financial transactions One can acquire all these benefits of bank account just by providing proof of their identity and address to the bank. Now, you must want to know, how you can get this banking account. The best way is to look for account though online mode. There are many banks available that offer you these banking services. However, finding the right bank is not easy but you can do so with little research work. You can also take help from the trustable online brokers that assist you to take the poor credit bank account from the bank that offer you maximum services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: