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  port on the immediate return of Conca; lore Chongqing super summit – Sports – people.com.cn original title: effect on Hong Kong lore Conca comeback climb JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sun Yongjun) yesterday afternoon, Shanghai 2 to 1 Hong Kong home court lore Chongqing Lifan, by means of 3 points in the six round of the super anti super Hengda become the superior leader. The national security team drew the opportunity to climb the port. The king quickly Conca injury, Evra, Yu Hai and Wu Lei, Hassan composed of attack line, only to David, Hong Kong coach Erickson will be able to discharge the strongest team lineup. In the card after the return, the port ball increased control of the pace of the game. Twenty-fifth minutes, the super striker Hessian grasp single opportunity will score 1 to 0. Chongqing Lifan equalized the score before halftime, and tied the tie almost to the end of the game. But the super star or solve the game, 88 minutes, the Hong Kong team won the games left to kick kick opportunity, Conca box, Patrice door the header, the Hong Kong team lore. But this victory, Hong Kong costly, Asian foreign aid Jin Zhourong in the game the first 9 minutes was injured, Yang Boyu temporary substitute; this season on the sea in the first 75 minutes Wang also injured. Yu Hai’s injury loss on the Hong Kong more, this season he scored a good state, not only repeatedly, repeatedly giving assists, helping my teammates. Lifan, although the team tenacious, but has not won the first victory. After the game, Lifan coach Wang Baoshan is not discouraged, "congratulations on the Hong Kong team ranked first, the strength of the other than us obviously, but our defensive Counterattack Tactics overall done well.". The last moment wanjiebubao, could be about a point away, unfortunately did not achieve this goal, but we can better." 孔卡复出立竿见影 上港绝杀重庆中超登顶–体育–人民网 原标题:孔卡复出见效上港绝杀登顶   京华时报讯(记者孙永军)昨天下午,上海上港主场2比1绝杀重庆力帆,凭借此3分,在中超六轮后反超恒大成为中超领头羊。   国安战平人和,给了上港登顶机会。天王孔卡迅速伤愈复出,埃弗拉、海森、于海和武磊组成攻击线,只差达维,上港主帅埃里克森就能排出本队最强阵容。   在孔卡回归后,上港控球增加,掌控比赛节奏。第25分钟,超级前锋海森把握住了单刀机会,将比分改写为1比0。重庆力帆在半场结束前,将比分扳平,而且将平局几乎僵持到比赛结束。但超级球星还是解决了比赛,第88分钟,上港队获得前场左路任意球机会,孔卡主罚到禁区后点,埃弗拉门前抢点头球破门,上港队绝杀。   不过这场胜利,上港付出极大的代价,亚洲外援金周荣在比赛第9分钟便受伤下场,杨博宇临时替补登场;本赛季标王于海在第75分钟也因伤下场。于海的受伤对上港损失更大,他本赛季状态颇佳,不仅屡屡进球,还多次奉献助攻,帮助队友得分。   力帆方面,球队虽然顽强,但却迟迟拿不到第一场胜利。赛后,力帆主帅王宝山并未气馁,“祝贺上港队积分排到第一位,对方实力明显比我们超出很多,但我们的防守反击战术总体做得不错。最后时刻晚节不保,可能是想着客场取得一分,很遗憾没有实现这个目标,但我们还能更好。”相关的主题文章: