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Postpartum breast milk color mystery breast milk what color is normal? – the mother and father of all breastfeeding mothers breast milk color are different, some are white and yellow. Good milk should be what color? Is not different color milk nutritional value is not the same? We go to uncover the secret! The milk color NO.1 gray: the daughter asked for almost 2 months, my milk is often gray white, gray elders said my milk is milk, can not improve. What is this? What should I do? This kind of milk nutritious? A: milk secretion after three natural stages, each stage has its nutritional characteristics. At the beginning of the milk contains a sufficient amount of minerals. Is what people call " Grey Milk ". Some people think that eating such milk is easy to diarrhea, and throw it all out, this is a pity. When the baby sucking milk after a turn white, this is the increase of protein and carbohydrate, contains a lot of fat, only these three stages are the baby sucking the milk, the milk after in order to ensure more nutrients, and it can also promote the secretion of milk next time. The milk white, pale color NO.2 ask: my baby is mixed breastfeeding support. But my milk color is very pale, only strong than boiling water. Do not know whether the baby to eat nutritious milk? Answer: although it looks very pale, but nutritious, containing less fat just cause. At the beginning of the outflow of milk is mostly light (usually called before the milk, milk containing minerals and vitamins before the indispensable nutritional, but less fat), lactation after a period of time out of the milk (usually called after milk) containing more fat, partial white, many breastfed babies do not eat after the milk, eating less fat, mostly lean. So every time when breastfeeding should let the baby suck the milk, appropriate to extend the time to eat too much fat containing milk. In addition to eat lecithin or is natural oils which would make milk fat, milk after extrusion of static color, thick, and the fridge will soon float a layer of grease. Colostrum: the first few days after the secretion of milk is called colostrum, although not very high concentration. Colostrum is rich in antibody, rich in protein, low fat and baby needs a variety of enzymes, carbohydrates, these are not provided by any other food, relatively lactose, fat and water soluble vitamin less, intestinal immune material surface in colostrum are covered in baby immature, tissue bacterial attachment virus. Milk: the first milk to be produced each time. That is, the first 2 or 3 minutes out of the milk. Look transparent water. Its moisture content. Can provide you with a wealth of water, protein, lactose, vitamins, inorganic salts and water, as well as anti-cancer immune globulin. After the milk: contains more fat, the appearance of color than the previous white milk, in breast feeding, it can provide a lot of heat for the baby, help all aspects of growth. After the milk fat concentration of 5.6%~18.3%. in preterm milk.相关的主题文章: