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The pregnant mother take a bath, there are also many problems need to be careful – Sohu maternal photo from the network these days suddenly cooling, cold weather, xixilili rain for two days. Today is easy to put a sunny, our baby alliance and Qi together into a small park in the sun. Mothers two days have not seen each other, chatting with the two days baby how long the ability that people listen to people with beam with joy. Baby age difference is not big, together, you today is the ability to change my tomorrow". Listen to the experience of others, always more or less to learn some tips and tricks of the child. This is one of the reasons why our mothers like to get together. At this time, a mother’s side, the United States has around 30 weeks of pregnancy she said suddenly, last night because of some cold, so at home the United States and the United States took a hot water bath, but I always feel that some physical discomfort, leucorrhea seems much lower abdomen also some faint pain. Ask me to go to the hospital to see? I asked her bath? The United States said yes, but also comfortable bath. Pictures from the network of women in the body after pregnancy has undergone a lot of special physiological changes, leading to sebaceous glands and sweat glands secrete more exuberant, easy to sweat. Therefore, expectant mothers during pregnancy often wash your hair, often change clothes, keep the body clean and clean. However, pregnant mothers have to take a shower of certain methods and techniques, otherwise, the bath will become a dangerous thing! [] the best temperature of pregnancy in October, basically all the pregnant mother to live a from cold to hot or change from hot to cold season. In the summer because of the hot weather, sweating, so bath will ground the lot, proper use of shower water temperature under normal circumstances. But in the autumn winter season, the weather is cold, wash a comfortable hot bath for many people is a very pleasant thing. But for pregnant mothers, it is a very terrible thing ah. Modern medical research found that the mother’s body temperature is too high, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the baby’s central nervous system. When the mother’s body temperature than normal temperature above 1.5° when the fetal brain cells is likely to stop the development, if the rise of 3° fetal brain cells, it may cause permanent irreversible damage, leading to mental disorders and abnormal fetal problems such as your baby after birth, some may also lead to epilepsy attack. The higher the water temperature, the longer the duration, the more damage to the fetus. In the late pregnancy can not use a very hot bath water, and the time should not be too long, otherwise pregnant mother is prone to hypoxia, asphyxia, may also lead to fetal hypoxia. Therefore, the pregnant mother to take a bath, the water temperature is not easy to overheat, should maintain and body temperature is similar to or slightly higher than the body temperature, general control in 39°. [time] pregnant mother shower bath time not too long, because the air inside the bathroom is not in circulation, integrity in the autumn and winter water temperatures slightly higher, resulting in higher temperature, reduce the air inside the bathroom, the oxygen supply, then pregnant mother is prone to dizziness,!相关的主题文章: