Pregnant woman pretending to apply for the opportunity to steal the owner was exposed to reflect the-soulseek

Pregnant women pretending to apply exposure took the opportunity to steal other shopkeepers reflect the new net – stolen Changchun evening news reporter He Shaomei recently, this newspaper has reported the name of Zhu to apply for theft of property of a thing, the police arrested, Zhu was released on bail on the grounds of pregnancy. The 28 day, Wu Xue people see reports of this newspaper, reflecting the 25 day is the tablet computer Zhu to apply for Manicure division name stolen a value 2880 yuan. Wu Xue in LAN Jia Zhen run a Manicure shop, because the business is busy, she issued a notice in a Manicure teacher recruitment recruitment website. Wu Xue said, 25 at noon, a man wearing a fashionable young woman came into the shop for Manicure division. The woman claiming to have learned more than a month Manicure division in a beauty shop on Chongqing road Manicure. At this time, Wu Xue’s store in two customers want to do Manicure, Wu Xue asked the woman to try work, did not think it was rejected. 25, 16 PM, while Wu Xue was busy on the occasion, the woman called out to charge the bill, Manicure left the shop. "17 PM, customers want to choose Manicure pattern, I found that there are pictures of the tablet computer Manicure disappeared at this time." Wu Xue immediately called the police. The 27 day, I saw the Manicure open shop in the red scarf Road Wu stolen suffered from the newspaper, carefully check the suspect image from the video and found the suspect whether the appearance, posture, age and wear and 25 day to my shop for Sunxing woman very similar." Ms. Wu said, the police will be pregnant the bail suspect Zhu summoned to the police station, "did not think she is, she is 26, Luyuan district police seized, 25 days in my store crime." It is understood that Zhu has been stolen in the Wu Xue store tablet has been sold at a low price, the money has been sold by its profligacy.相关的主题文章: