Pu Baojian do Asian fans meet will uncover the cloud painting behind the scenes visualboyadvance

Pu Baojian held the Asian fan meeting "painting" behind the Park Jie cloud sword fan meeting Tour Poster of Sina entertainment news the second half of this year, a popular television drama "clouds Moonlight" in Portsmouth sword won the majority of the audience. In order to repay all the fans, will hold the "2016-2017 Park Park sword sword Asia Tour fan meeting". The official said: this fan meeting will be announced not only behind the story about "cloud painted Moonlight", also prepared a OST TV drama "my" special EVENT, the majority of fans and spend some more meaningful time. Actor Portsmouth sword 2011, starred in the movie "blind" official debut, and with in the movie "car" officer "come to an end" "command" "China city" and many other films in the works of wonderful performances, the audience left a deep impression. Debut 6 years, starred in the number of TV works up to 10. Among them, please answer the 1988 broadcast, triggering the resonance of the generation after 80, the ratings had exceeded 18%, in the history of cable television to write a new chapter. Pu Baojian plays chess hand with Cui Ze, the eyes of deep acting has won numerous praise, and won awards including most of the other fifth "APAN Star Awards" won the "new actor award", received public recognition. On the other hand, shortly before the end of the TV series, "the moonlight of the cloud" created up to 23.3% of the ratings, but also since March 2010, the release of the month of the KBS fire TV drama highest rated work. Who plays the wangshizi Li Ying Park sword, although it is first served in the three South Korean television drama starring, capture the majority of the audience’s heart. Pu Baojian on the stage of the meeting will not only show their enthusiasm for music, in order to meet with the fans at the meeting, to show their own charm is preparing for a variety of. On the other hand, in the "2016-2017" sword Asia fan meeting tour will also open TV series "secret interview link please answer 1988" and "Moonlight" in the clouds. Not only that, but also prepared to be able to interact with the fans of the game, it is more to look forward to. (commissioning editor: Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: