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PwnFest hacking contest 360 security summit united world champion – Sohu science and technology news: November 11th, November 12th Texun world hacking contest PwnFest Seoul in South Korea ended, after fierce competition, a total of 360 security wing to solve four major projects and won the championship, won a $530 thousand prize and representatives of the "gold medal break king" the. In addition, the South Korean prodigy Lokihardt and VMware two to break the Edge project, & JH United Pangu; with Safari, two groups of players were given $290 thousand and a $100 thousand bonus. This competition, the 360 security wing has cracked the Microsoft Edge, VMware workstation, Adobe Flash and Google Pixel, created Pwn (crack) recorded the largest project team to crack the game. More eye-catching is that boasts "streak VMware myth has finally ended, the 360 security wing broken first staged a global hacker community top technology. The world’s first broken virtualization project VMware workstation PwnFest hacking contest on the first day, 360 suffered the most difficult project known as the current event VMware workstation. As the blaze at this year’s Pwn2Own VMware workstation dark horse project, made from the world’s top security team frustrated, in addition to the old version seven years ago was hacked, VMware workstation has been unbeaten in the competition. After a lapse of six months, the POC (Power of Community) VMware workstation once again boarded the ring for the challenge, and generous to the project to set the highest single bonus of $150 thousand. However, the VMware workstation failed to hold the myth, after the second round, after VMware and other manufacturers announced 360 security official ruled that United successfully cracked the project, became the first to break the global software security team. Figure 360: safety wing break VMware and get $150 thousand bonus game on the first day, the 360 regiment in less than 10 seconds when using a Windows10 RS1 system based on the latest Edge browser. The game the next day, the face has a Google hacking group Project Zero heavy protection Pixel project and the safety of repeatedly soaring Flash project, 360 security wing still smooth bypass protection measures, medals and prizes of the two projects win. Through the four project won the "crack king" it is understood that PwnFest introduced the medal system, players in successful challenge any one item, according to the difficulty of the project will get a different number of gold medal; if the system put right and additional income medal. Eventually in相关的主题文章: