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Quality and price and the popular joint venture SUV how to choose? Sohu recently SUV joint venture automobile market is very competitive, but this is normal; but as consumers are definitely want to see such things, the more intense market competition, consumers can buy high quality and cost-effective models, and a few days ago Corey is proud of the product listed in this context; see Professor Yan pricing and its value, it seems to pull the strength of the superior joint SUV rhythm, is not like this, look at the professor today’s analysis! Dongfeng Renault Koleos price: 17.98-26.98 million Nissan X-Trail price: 18.18-26.78 million FAW TOYOTA RAV4 price: 17.98-26.98 million SAIC Buick keangkewei price: 20.99-34.99 million Professor commented: take the new Corre, believe the high yen value with the width of the body will be in line with the tastes of young people today; the lower the starting price and manufacturers subsidies are its advantages, Reynolds has better chassis tuning is young wanted; trail and it the same platform, though not to compete with his brother, but the price makes them not in coincidence competition background, but the X-Trail spacious space and light driving makes its audience with science I do not like the more suitable for home use. Just after the change of the RAV4 was for a young fashion style, gradually younger TOYOTA and consistently durable fuel-efficient RAV4 believe there is still a lot of fans chasing. Finally, the keangkewei as a leader of the SUV, its low price and spacious interior can give to consumers in a more cost-effective price to enjoy the luxury brand with almost driving texture and luxury, it is keangkewei advantage, believe that Buick future will adhere to this market positioning.相关的主题文章: