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Quanzhou provincial Rainstorm Day three car collision people trapped in the driver card in front of 13 pm yesterday, the provincial highway 206 line Quanzhou Anxi County town of stone wall village by Udon lattice Road, a truck and a bus collided, beside a moped could not escape death, accidents caused by people trapped. After the incident, Quanzhou Anxi fire, traffic police, 120 emergency center and other relevant departments rushed to the scene. Firefighters on the bus to see, found a total of three people on the car, the driver stuck in the front, a woman was pressed behind the driver, there is a man foot injury. Before that, ambulances had rescued two passengers and a child on a moped. According to the scene, firefighters first lifted the men off, and then pushed the woman’s seat with his hand, and rescued the trapped women. And the bus driver was stuck in the cab, fire officers and soldiers first use scissors to cut the seat belt, and then move the seat back, and finally pull the trapped driver together to get off the car. From the field personnel to understand that the accident may be due to violent weather, the truck to Anxi, through the downhill road, slipped out of control, hit the bus, and then because of inertia, and hit the car after the help. At present, the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation. Herald reporter Guo Bingde correspondent Xu Xu Chen Zhenjie

泉州省道暴雨天三车相撞 多人被困司机卡在车头   昨日13时许,省道206线泉州安溪县官桥镇石壁村靠乌冬格路段,一辆货车与一辆大巴车发生碰撞后,旁边一辆助力车也难逃一劫,事故造成多人被困。   事发后,泉州安溪消防、交警、120急救中心等相关部门赶往现场。消防队员上大巴车查看,发现车上共三人,司机卡在车头,一女子被压在司机后面,还有一男子脚受伤。在此之前,救护车已经救走两名乘客与一名助力车上的小孩。   根据现场情况,消防队员先把男子抬下车,而后用手扒开压住女子身体的座椅,救出被困女子。而大巴司机被卡在驾驶室内,消防官兵先是用剪刀将安全带剪开,再将座椅往后移,最后合力将被困司机抬下车。   从现场人员处了解得知,事故可能由于遇暴雨天,货车开往安溪,途经下坡路段时,打滑失控撞上大巴,然后由于惯性又撞上经过的助力车。   目前,事故具体原因还在进一步调查中。   导报记者 郭冰德 通讯员 许振塔 陈圳杰相关的主题文章: